Running Deals

Listing a few running-related promotions that I’ve seen:

Interested in trying out a treadmill class at the Mile High Run, but scared by the boutique prices? GiltCity is offering promotions for 3-class pack, one-month unlimited membership, and six-month unlimited membership. If you’re new to GiltCity, you can combine it with this promo code welcome20, for an additional 20% off. Between these two, I scored the 3-class pack for 50% off the full price. GiltCity promoAct fast, this deal is over on Jan 26th.

One of my running musts is a run belt. I’m a big fan of Flipbelt, particularly for races and runs where I need to carry a number of small items, such as cell phone, gels, keys, and such. Athlinks is offering 25% off; it ends March 20th.

I’ll be running the Love Run in Philadelphia in March. Wanna join me? CGI is offering a discount code (a measly $5) if you visit one of  the many running stores in New Jersey and PA. The Love Run is 80% sold out now and the race fee will increase after Jan 31st, so don’t hesitate if you’re seriously thinking of doing this race.

I’m also running the Miami Half this weekend. Yes, I’m escaping the cold again. It’ll be my first time as a runner. I’ve gone before as a spectator. It’s a fabulous race with a great after party. Miami offers a steep discount the day after the race for the first few hundred people who register. I registered last year for only $30 for the half. If you’re interested in running the Miami half or the full marathon, you should check the site early in the morning the day after for more information.

10 thoughts on “Running Deals

    • Yeah, I like to stock up when sales are going on. I have a couple more pairs of new ASICS that I purchased because an online seller was liquidating. I didn’t need the shoes the last year, but they’re ready for me when I do need them.

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