Flipping over Flip Belt!

Taken from flipbelt.com

Taken from flipbelt.com

A long overdue review of one of my favorite running accessories. When it comes to running belts, I run with either Spibelt or with Flipbelt. I often see runners asking which one is better. I’ve ran extensively with both and I equally love both, but these two different belts serve different functions for me.

CliffsNotes version of the two belts: Choose Flipbelt when you need to carry a lot of stuff and don’t need to pull items out while you’re running fast. Items are securely stored. Choose Spibelt when you need to quickly pull an item out during a run, but don’t store valuables that can easily fall out (e.g., credit cards) when you’re taking something (e.g., Gu) out.

Taken from flipbelt.com

Taken from flipbelt.com

More extensive review of Flipbelt

Flipbelt, unlike many other running belts, is a single tubular pocket, rather than a pouch with a belt. There are four different slits (one on each side of the word LEVEL) where you can slide in items. Meaning that you can fit an awful lot of items because you have the entire space all the way around your body. It’s called a Flipbelt because you can flip it in various ways to make it suit you. As you’re putting stuff in, if the front space fills up, you can rotate it around your body, a different area of the cavity inside the belt is now available to you. Are you storing something that you must not lose? You can flip the belt, so the opening is now facing your body, so nothing can come out.

The Good

It stores far more items than any other running belt that I’ve seen or used. I started using Flipbelt when I needed to carry three packages of ShotBlocks, IPhone, keys, some emergency money, and other small things with me on a long run. All that was too much for a Spibelt.

I can carry a fairly heavy item with noticing its weight. I’ve gone running with a point-and-click camera, while on the smaller side, its weight is not inconsequential, in my belt. The Flipbelt carries it close to my body, so I don’t notice the weight and it doesn’t bounce around. My friend was impressed that I was unhampered.

Flipbelt is very secure, even when it’s used in its “most insecure” method (the slits facing out). I’ve lost a credit card once using my Spibelt because I was a bit careless when I pulled out my IPhone or ShotBlock during a run. I’ve never lost anything in my Flipbelt. I always use it with the slits facing out, but if you want more security, you can flip the belt so the slits face up or faces in toward your body.

It’s very comfortable and doesn’t ride up. You can wear the belt on your waist or hip. I prefer to wear mine on my hips because unless I’m carrying something heavy in the belt, it will ride up when I wear it around my waist. I’ve never had a problem with it on my hips.

No matter what I put in, there’s no bouncing. I barely notice anything I carry in my Flipbelt because it hugs everything close to my body.

Flipbelt holding Simple Hydration

Flipbelt holding Simple Hydration

It’s very sturdy. The material is good quality wicking material that can stand up to hard use and abuse. I use it all the time to hold my Simple Hydration up. I’ve had my belt for several months now and it still looks brand new.

The Bad

Personally I find the Flipbelt more difficult in terms of getting stuff out quickly while running fast compared to when I use a Spibelt. If I’m running slowly, I have no problem getting things out or back in the belt. If I’m running quickly, the smaller slits makes it more difficult to get easy access to items. I find it just about impossible to put anything back when I’m running fast. Other people may be more coordinated than me and not have any problems regardless of speed, but this is an issue with me. One trick I developed is that I have a small bit of item that I need to pull out quickly sticking out a little of the Flipbelt. So I don’t completely tuck in a package of ShotBlocks, but leave a little bit of the plastic packaging sticking out a little. Obviously I don’t use this trick with something that I cannot risk losing (like my IPhone).

The Ugly



Flipbelt at Wineglass Marathon & Half Marathon

The Verdict

I love and use my Flipbelt constantly. I use it for races. I use it for training runs. I plan on using it for travel to keep important documents on me and safe from pickpockets. I think it’s perfect for long slow runs or if you need to carry a lot during a run.


14 thoughts on “Flipping over Flip Belt!

  1. Nice review! I haven’t tried out the flip belt yet, but I have a spibelt which I love. I used to have a pretty extensive way of tying my key to my shoelaces and shoving my id card in my sports bra when I would go running. Glad I don’t have to do that anymore!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this product. I wasn’t familiar with it before. Do you step in/step out of it? Is it annoying that you can’t take it off while you run? Not that I do that often, but I do sometimes with my iFitness belt (which I also love btw). The great thing about iFitness is that they have little internal pockets for credit cards, keys, etc., so I can tuck my cc and key into that and not worry about pulling gels out. I also have one that has two zip pouches. So I’ll put my valuables in one, and gels in another. I love how many different ways companies have designed to carry our stuff!

    • Your IFitness belt sounds terrific. SpiBelt has also come out with two-pouch belts, but I haven’t tried them.

      I step into my FlipBelt and when I want to take it off, I push it down and step out. I’ve never wanted to take it off while running. I don’t notice it ever because it doesn’t move or flop around no matter how much I cram stuff in there.

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  4. Thanks for the review. I use a spi belt and have short tights that have nice pockets to snuggly fit a couple of items. I nearly purchased the flip belt this weekend, but it just seemed like it would be very warm, particularly with the clammy summer months coming up. Maybe I will rethink that

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