Friday Five: 5 Brands to Love

After reading several weeks of Friday Fives hosted by Eat Pray Run, DC, You Signed Up for What?! and Mar on the Run from many bloggers in my reader, I decided to plunge in and join in on the fun! Especially since this week’s theme is FIVE BRANDS TO LOVE. Being a brand ambassador for a couple them, I couldn’t help but seize this opportunity to wax on and on about why I love what I use when I’m out running.

  1. Peru 442Headsweats
    I’ve been a loyal Headsweats user for a long time. If you look at my race photos, it’s rare that you see me without a Headsweats visor on. I can’t stand wearing hats and sunglasses slide off my face while running thanks to my typical Asian face with a small nose bridge, so visors work beautifully in keeping the sun out of my eyes as I pound miles. This post is the first time I wrote about how much I love Headsweats. It’s not just for running that I wear Headsweats. I use the visor for hiking and traveling. I wear a Headsweats beanie during winter because the beanie is light, but keeps my head warm. Since I’m an ambassador, I have a promo code (AFASTPACEDLIFE) that you can use to get 25% off any full priced item from Headweats. If you’re already a fan of Headsweats and want more (free) Headsweats gear, you can enter the #HeadsweatySelfie contest! Take a selfie of yourself in Headsweats, use the hashtag #HeadsweatySelfie, and Headsweats may choose you to win some cool new gear. Every month, there will be two winners.


  2. Simple Hydration
    I love my Simple Hydration bottle so much. I don’t know why anyone would use anything else for their hydration needs. It’s light, tucks easily onto my running belt, doesn’t bounce, and I can run hands free. I see how congested water stations can get and I love racing with my Simple Hydration bottle because I can zoom past the congestion without sacrificing water. It’s easier to drink out of the bottle than from a cup too. After waterboarding myself with Gatorade at a few races, I desperately searched online for a better way and Simple Hydration was it. I’m an ambassador for Simple Hydration as well and if you’re interested in getting a bottle of your own, email me for a promo code (I’m not allowed to post it online, otherwise I would).
  3. Flipbelt
    I’m not someone who just goes out running. I have to have all my stuff (phone, keys, fuel, money, metrocard, etc) with me. I don’t like having things in pockets because I can feel them bouncing around or there’s not enough room for everything. The Flipbelt is fantastic for holding all my stuff without making me feel like a kangaroo with an overly-stuffed pouch. Here’s my review of it from a year ago.

    Large Spibelt

    Large Spibelt

  4. Spibelt
    There are two running belt companies that I love. Spibelt is the other. It was my first running belt (which I wore so much that I wore it out and then promptly bought a new one). I use Spibelt when I don’t need to be as much of a pack rat on a run. I actually own two different SpiBelts (the regular and large pocket). I use the regular when I only need to carry my phone and keys. The large pocket is when I need to carry slightly more stuff  or when I’m traveling because it makes a great travel belt. And yes, the Simple Hydration bottle fits nicely with the Spibelt too.


  5. Sprigs
    Out of all the running/fitness companies that I regularly use, I probably mention Sprigs the least. I don’t know why. Sprigs is a small independent fitness accessory company based in Westchester County. I’ve bought and used several of their products. In the photo above, I’m demonstrating ear bags, little covers for keeping ears warm. I frequently lose ear warmers because I take them off and they’re too big to fit in my purse, so I set them down somewhere and forget them when I leave. I never have that problem with ear bags because when I slip them off, I can toss them inside my purse and forget them. They kept my ears toasty warm all winter long. If you’re worried that the ear bags might be bulky or obtrusive, they’re not. I used ear bags with my Headsweats beanie to keep my ears super warm. Even on, the ear bags are very discreet, especially if you’re a girl with long hair. I meant to write a review of them, but by the time I got around  to organizing one, spring arrived. So I scrapped it. But I love ear bags. I also love Sprigs’ gloves. Warm and with a removable fingertip hood so that I don’t have to take off the my gloves to text or use my phone. The gloves also come with a small zippered pocket so you could store stuff. I wore those gloves all winter long too.


So that’s it from me. These are the five running/fitness accessory brands that I love. What about you? Which brands do you love and cannot run without?

22 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Brands to Love

    • In its normal shape, the outer part that you see is slightly convex. To wear it, you flex the ear bag so the outer part is concave. The flaps on the inside stick out a little so you can fit your ear inside it and then you pop it back into its normal shape. Not sure if the words make sense, but once you get it, the instructions and photos make total sense. It just takes a few seconds to pop them on.

  1. I miss being a Headsweats Ambassador this year!!! I didn’t reapply just because my two triathlon teams were providing visors I have to wear with the gear and I knew one of them wasn’t HS. But I still wear my HS for so much training and races when not in those particular team gear outfits!!!

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