Fashionably Running


In my Lole running dress & Asics Hyper-Rocketgirl

Lately I’ve been running in my Lolë running dress (Authentic tunic in heather). Lolë is one of my latest crush in athletic wear. I’ve long been a fan of running skirts. Personally, I find that there’s something satisfying and a bit sensual about feeling the swish of the ruffles against my legs as I’m running. It makes running more fun for me. I don’t know what made me type running dress in Google a couple months ago, but once I did, I found that I wasn’t the only one who had an idea about running in a dress.

I carefully scrolled through the various choices, but once I saw Lolë Women’s Authentic tunic, that was pretty much it for me. Backcountry was holding a sale, so I was able to get the running dress for under $50, which Google Shopping assures me that it’s still possible to do here. I got the dress in heather, which looks more bluish in the photo than it is in real life. It’s actually lilac (purple).

I wear a size 4-6 normally, so I got medium. The medium fits me perfectly. I was drawn to Lolë Women’s Authentic tunic because of its style. I love the ruching on the sides because the dress is quite form fitting and the ruching perfectly hides the bulges and bumps on your midsection. I pull the dress over my head and down my body. Then I pull different parts of the dress up or down to disguise any lumps. I can even wear this dress when I’m quite bloated because the ruching will slim and flatter your figure.

There are two possible negatives about this dress. One, if you’re well-endowed on top, this dress will probably not provide enough support. Being that I’m not quite so blessed, I find that I don’t need to wear an additional sports bra while wearing this dress. Two, there are no pockets. I normally run a Spibelt, so I put everything (keys, IPhone, gel, money)  I need in there, so the lack of pockets is not a big deal to me. If you are a runner who hates wearing a belt and relies on having pockets, then this dress is not for you.


Asics Hyper-Rocketgirl

Ben got me these Asics Hyper-Rocketgirl as a present/reward/bribe for all the running that I’ve been doing. The 7-oz shoes are much lighter than my previous running shoes. He’s a big fan of racing flats (not so much of Vibrams), in particular the ones from the Brooks brand. Because my previous shoes had a ton of padding, Ben got these shoes, which are lighter and have some padding to ease my transition into minimal shoes.

I’ve already completed two hard runs in them. Happily I’ve experienced no soreness in my legs after my runs. I never was a heel-striker, so I think I’ll have an easier time switching over to minimal shoes. I do like having lighter feet and I give some of the credit to the faster times in my recent runs to these lovely hot pink and black shoes.

20120831-134332.jpgThe other thing that I’ve been running with a lot is this Headsweat visor. With all the running I do outdoors, I needed something to protect my face from the sun. I’m not much of a hat person. I hate wearing hats. In California I never wore hats and I swore that I would never wear a hat when I moved to the East Coast. Well, the first really cold winter day cured me of that notion. But I try not to wear a hat as long as possible, so if you see me wearing a hat, you know it’s really cold out.

I dislike running with sunglasses because they slide off my face from all the sweat and jostling from the running. Then I read this review from Aron in Runner’s Rambles about Headsweats. The Headsweats visor sounded perfect. Luckily for me, Ben happened to have one that he wasn’t using; he got it for free from one of his triathlons last year.

I absolutely adore Headsweats! The visor is light and comfortable. I forget that I’m wearing it once I’m off running. It doesn’t move while I’m running. Best of all, the wicking material in the visor ensures that I’m not distracted by the pouring trails of sweat that I emit while running. After one of my runs, I marveled by how moist the visor was, but how dry I was. Indeed, my face was not at all sweaty and I had thought while running that it was a bit odd how I wasn’t sweating at all. I was sweating! A lot! But Headsweats neatly soaked up all of my sweat to keep me nice and dry. I loved how I could concentrate on running, rather than be distracted by mopping my brows from the rivers of sweat that I’m capable of pouring.

I love being able to run in an outfit that keeps me comfortable and cool. These things help me focus on running, rather than think about other distracting things, such as, “Ow, this seam is rubbing me raw,” “I can’t see because there’s so much sweat pouring down my face,” “Now I really can’t see because my eyes sting from the salt and sunscreen running into my eyes,” or “Ugh, this is so hot, I need more ventilation in my clothing.”

What’s your favorite outfit to run in?

5 thoughts on “Fashionably Running

  1. I love running skirts ( but I find them a little hot in the summer. Completely agree with you about headsweats. That dress is cute enough to wear out and about! Nice blog! Elizabeth

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