Race Wish List

Races that I’d like to do in the future

Strataca Mine Run 5K, Hutchinson, KS, late Feb, I want to run underground!

Sperunking: Sand Mine Challenge, Crystal City, MO in late-Feb (I love caves. Obstacle course + unusual location = intrigue and fun. It might be difficult to talk Ben into doing this one.) The event seems to be permanently canceled.

Canyonlands Half Marathon, Moab, UT in mid-March (beautiful rock canyons, one of my favorite parts of the US)

Cooper River Bridge Run 10K, Charleston, SC, late March (I love bridges)

Big Sur International Marathon, Big Sur, CA in late-April (from red woods to the ocean, can’t beat the view/scenery)

Thelma & Louise Half Marathon, Moab, UT in early-June (beautiful rock canyons, one of my favorite parts of the US) I did this in June 2017!

Dipsea Race, Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, CA in early June (trail race in Northern California, they have a handicap system that allows everyone to compete for overall winner, and race officials accept bribes for the coveted race bibs).

Covered Bridges Half Marathon, Woodstock, VT in early June (I love covered bridges) We did it in 2016!

Beach to Beacon 10K, Cape Elizabeth, ME in early August (beautiful course with lighthouse) – AH! We’re doing it this year. We did it in 2015!

Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon, Bird in Hand, PA in early September (Amish country) – Did it in 2014

Anything is Possible 5K, Bethesda, MD/Washington, DC in early Nov (This race occurs when Daylight Savings ends, so you end up with a negative time. You start in the future and end in the past.)

It’s a Wonderful Run 5K, Seneca Falls, NY in mid-December (Bridge Street Bridge was the inspiration for the bridge scenes in the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Did this in 2015.

Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to let me know other races that I should consider.

12 thoughts on “Race Wish List

  1. If you love bridges, I would suggest the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon, as part of the course crosses the 2 mile Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit MI to Windsor Canada. It’s held every October, I plan on running in it this year. Everyone I know who has participated says that running across the bridge while the sun is rising over the city skyline is nothing short of amazing.

  2. I have run the Flying Feather 4 miler in Columbus Ohio 3 times…it is short, flat and has awesome swag for a 4 miler. You get a long sleeved tech shirt, a medal and a bottle of wine. Some years the food at the finish has been awesome other years it has been well Meh! It is on Thanksgiving…just enough activity so you don’t feel guilty but not so much you sleep through dinner.

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  4. Great choice for “Bird in Hand” Half. It was surreal running with Amish men wearing pants and women wearing bonnets and dresses. They were all so fast too!

    • When did you do this? We did it 2 years ago. It was such a fun race. I loved the little Amish kids and the s’mores bonfire party the night before. I have no idea how the Amish ran in their regular clothes. I almost died of heat stroke and I was wearing practically nothing in comparison to what they were wearing.

  5. Ran the 5k in 2014, and then the half in 2015 😀 If I had done both the same year I would have earned a “road apple” award lol so gross but why do I want one? BTW I’m trying to secure a position as a pacer for Rehoboth marathon in December– I think you mentioned that race earlier. Do itttttt.

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