Dovetail Love

Happy Two Year + One Week Anniversary to Ben and me!!!!

Our second year together was even better than the first. I feel that we really came together as a couple. There’s a sense history now with our inside jokes, pet nicknames, and half-spoken sentences that get completed by the other because we know each other so well. It’s been another wonderful year with Ben and we’re looking forward to spending many more together. I can’t ask for a better life partner than Ben. No matter how crazy my ideas are, he’s always supportive (except when I talk about wanting to visit North Korea). He’s my biggest cheerleader. And most importantly he loves me unconditionally.

We celebrated our anniversary with a tasting menu at Dovetail. The food was absolutely delicious and we enjoyed every bite, except for the foie gras, which was too rich for our palate. Highlights of the dinner: the mini arancini, very fresh Brussels sprouts salad with ricotta salata, the gnocchi (perfect pillows of potato dough), the incredible swordfish, and the lovely dark chocolate mousse.

20140123-095406.jpgLeft to right and top to bottom: 1) Arancini, cornbread, and cracker, 2) muse bouche of fennel gelee and a slice of deep fried octopus, 3) Brussels sprouts salad with ricotta salata, 4) gnocchi with beans, 5) shrimp with creole sauce, 6) dry-aged sirloin steak, 7) semifreddo palate cleanser, 8) dark chocolate cremeux with caramelized bananas, whiskey marshmallow, and whipped cream, 9) ginger macarons.

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