2015 Simple Hydration Run Team

Anxiously I refreshed Simple Hydration’s Facebook page all day long yesterday to see if they announced who the 2015 Simple Hydration Run Team members will be. I’ve been an advocate and a fan of Simple Hydration, a small hands-free water bottle that hooks onto a running belt or short, for a couple of years now. They kindly sponsored a giveaway that I did back in Sept 2013. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have noticed that often I either explicitly mention I used Simple Hydration on my run or the Simple Hydration bottle shows up in a photo. And even if I don’t mention it or show it, I probably did use it. It’s one of the few *musts* that I must have whenever I go out running.

When Simple Hydration announced that they were looking for runners and triathlons to create the inaugural Run Simple Team, I was incredibly excited. Simple Hydration has had an ultramarathon team for a while and now they wanted to create a new team that would select members of varying abilities and talents. Even though I was on vacation, I made time to submit an application. Then on the 19th, I played the waiting game.

At 2 pm, Simple Hydration began announcing the members one by one (anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours apart). While this made for an exciting reveal, I was in A-G-O-N-Y. “What if I don’t make the team????!!!!” I moaned to Ben.

Ever-patient Ben answered calmly, “There’s nothing you can do about this. It’ll be sad, but it’s not the end of the world.”

Then like a petulant overly-hormonal teenage girl, I threw myself on the couch and wailed, “You just don’t understand!”

The last one, no, not really (I have more emotional control than that – just barely, wink), but that’s kinda what I felt like.

A half hour after the first name was announced, I saw this:

Run Simple Team

I was the fourth member named to the Simple Hydration Run Team. I screamed and danced for joy. Ben was happy (more because then he didn’t have to hear me wondering aloud what on earth I needed to do to make the team next year).

I’m genuinely thrilled to be representing Simple Hydration in future races. It’s a product that I love and can’t run without, so it’s an honor race for Simple Hydration officially. Check out Simple Hydration’s blog to see all the other cool athletes who made the team, from people who run for the love of it to semi-elites, back-of-the-packers to ultramarathoners, and everything in between. We’re all united by our love to #runsimple.

10 thoughts on “2015 Simple Hydration Run Team

    • Thank you! Not at all. I usually pair it with Flipbelt and it’s very secure. It stays nestled in the small of your back – you just need to find your sweet spot. I’ve also used it with SpiBelt and had no problems.

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