Going The Distance at the Mile High Run Club

“Let’s join the Mile High Club,” I said to Ben.

Ben looked a little horrified and asked in disbelief, “We can go to federal prison for that if we get caught. Do you really want to get arrested?”

Ben is very logical and rational. And so, there are times were he poos poos on my fun.

IMG_1547Ben gave me no choice. Early one morning while it was still dark, I snuck out of bed to go meet Michael with whom I went The Distance. Yes, I went to the Mile High *Run* Club. The Mile High Run Club is the newest of the boutique studios; it offers treadmill running classes in the style of Soul Cycle, a studio with 30 elegant Woodway treadmills, cool lights, and rocking music. There are two different types of classes, Dash 28 and The Distance. Dash 28 is a 45 min class, where 10 min of it are spent doing cross training with kettle bells and about 2-3 miles are covered. The Distance is a 50 min class wholly on the treadmill and about 5-6 miles are covered. I tried out the Distance because I won a free class from Elizabeth from Running and the City.

The Good

Oh my goodness! The treadmills! The Woodway treadmills! No wonder Woodway is the premier choice for world class marathoners. It was like running on a cloud. It’s so smooth. It’s not like running on any other treadmill that I’ve experienced. Cheap treadmills bounce and are uncomfortable to run on. In our gym, we have good treadmills that we’re quite happy with, but those treadmills don’t even begin to compare. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to run on a Woodway, you should. It’s worth going to a class at Mile High just to run on one. I wish they had a option where we could pay to use a treadmill when a class wasn’t going on.

Mile High is very clean and has everything you need. The locker room has lockers with digital locks on them already so you don’t have to bring in a lock. You set a 4-digit combo and stash your stuff. There are showers  (with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash) and hair dryers available, so you can wash up and go out after class.

All of the instructors are experienced runners and coaches. Mile High is a studio created and developed by a runner for runners. The focus of the classes is to improve our running. The class I went to with Micheal was centered around doing hill training; we had the treadmill set to 9% incline at one point. I liked how Michael designed the workout to simulate running around Central Park. As we ran to the music, he barked out inclines and at what intensity we should be working at and described where we were in the park. In the winter time, it’s much nicer to be indoors than freezing my extremities off in the cold.

Great music played in the class.

A clean hand towel for wiping off sweat is on every treadmilll.

I normally hate being on the treadmill because I find it boring, so I usually don’t do anything beyond speed work on it. I was curious as to how I would tolerate being on a treadmill for an hour. The class was interesting and fun, so I wasn’t bored at all on the treadmill. Ben has a saying that if you’re bored on a treadmill, then you’re not working hard enough. If so, then I definitely was working hard.

There’s a small card on each treadmill that has a range of speeds as suggestions for each intensity and for your level of fitness/experience. You can customize the intensity to suit your needs.

There’s a water fountain in the back of the studio.

The Bad

It’s a boutique class, meaning that classes are pretty pricey. A single class is $34, which is on par with all the other boutique classes in NYC. There’s a slight discount if you buy “in bulk.” If you buy 5 classes, each class is $33. If you buy 10, it’s $32. The other problem that I have is that then these classes have an expiration date. I hate it because I’m not good about using up all of the classes before the expiration date.

The studio is warm. I would have thought that the studio would have been quite cold because we were going to be running and therefore generating quite a bit of heat. I was pouring sweat during the warm up and it wasn’t because I was working hard at that point. I would have liked the room to be a lot colder so I could have ran harder.

The sound system isn’t the best. Although I heard the music great, the mic for Micheal got muffled as the music got louder. I only heard him clearly when he was right in front of me. Whenever he was elsewhere in the room, I had a hard time understanding what he was saying. Thank goodness he walked around and repeated himself several times.

There are only two showers, so if you’re not fast, you can be waiting a while to get to a shower.

The locker room space is a little tight after class when everyone is trying to get to their locker.

The Ugly


The Verdict

Mile High Run Club would appeal to a certain niche runner, who enjoys boutique classes. Because of where I live and work, I have a hard time getting to Mile High. It took me two months to finally find a time to go and even then it wasn’t an ideal time for me (a 6 am class, which means that I had to leave home by 4:45 am to make it). I really had fun at the class and adored running on Woodway. Seriously without the Woodway, I would say that the class was overpriced, but the Woodway treadmills make the class. While I don’t see myself being a regular, I’ll definitely go to Mile High once a month or so during winter to break up the monotony of winter treadmill running.

GiltCity is having a promo for Mile High Club, so it’s a good time to buy a few classes cheaply. If you’re new to GiltCity, you can get an additional 20% off with promo code welcome20.

18 thoughts on “Going The Distance at the Mile High Run Club

    • Yeah, I know about the price, but it’s standard for these classes here.

      Ben’s line about the treadmill was one of the few things i read on his incredibly long profile. It endeared him to me.

  1. I love Woodways too! They are the best. We tried buying a used one but it was a little too used and didn’t actually work. Shoot! Anyway, they are awesome for sure when they do work.

    That running club sounds so cool. Each class would be like paying for a race entry fee. Fun, but pricey. Or it might be as rejuvenating a treat as getting a pedicure, if you were trying to fit it somewhere more obscure in the budget? Fun though for sure!

  2. i haven’t heard of this running studio, and those treadmills sound pretty sweet. i’m def an outdoor runner and would prefer to run outside in the cold and dark than get on a treadmill, but if i have to be on one, it sounds like those are the ones to choose. i can’t ever justify spending that much money on a class, but it’s cool to know they offer this! ahhh, the perks of living in NYC. 🙂

  3. Wow, I would have never known such studios exist, but then again, I am a bit sheltered from city life. I don’t know if I could get into that scene. Since Kobi came into my life we’re always running outside. I only run on the treadmill if I feel she needs a rest, has an injury or if it’s -30C or colder outside – it’s all about Kobi as I’m sure you can relate with your adorable Bandit. I would love to try a Woodway though, they look very very nice. You wouldn’t want to use one of those as a drying rack in your basement.

  4. Hey! Totally off topic, but since you are the go-to girl for cool and different stuff to do in the city, I wanted to know if you knew of any Saturday night trivia locations? Danke. – Aimée

  5. I’ve never run on a Woodway. You have me intrigued! I’ve done one treadmill class at Nike at it was fun, but with a “free” treadmill at my gym I’d have a hard time shelling out that kind of money regularly. But it would be fun to try!

  6. Loved the class, can’t get over the price. Definitely do it as a “treat yourself” type of activity with my girlfriends in substitute of a pedicure. I live in NYC and I can’t get beyond these boutique class prices.

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