Come fly with me!

4-mile group

4-mile group taken from @jcbonn

Last Saturday Ben and I attended the #werunnyc event hosted by Greatist with Oiselle, Nuun, and Picky Bars as sponsors. I was keenly interested in attending because several bloggers that I follow or occasionally read were also attending and in one of the announcements for the event, Oiselle clothing would be available for us to try.

I was curious to meet the bloggers that I’ve been reading and I had my eye on a couple Oiselle pieces online. According to their size charts, I’m in between sizes, so I wanted to try on both sizes to see which one fit better.

The run started at 8:30, but when Ben and I showed up at 8:15, the office of the Greatist was packed! Ben was a good sport to come along with me to this girl-fest. Loud, high-pitched chatter pierced through the doors of the elevator. I immediately felt overwhelmed. By nature I’m a bit of an introvert; I do best in small crowds. I find it difficult to talk to people when it’s clear that some people already know each other and are in the middle of a conversation. I always feel like if I introduce myself, I’m interrupting them and putting myself where I’m not wanted. It’s silly, really, but I’m a bit socially awkward at times and big crowds tends to bring that part out of me more. With large crowds, I do best when I have a role in organizing. I do well with structure. Being an organizer plays well with my strengths and weaknesses. I find it easier to talk to strangers when I’m an organizer because people want to talk to organizers and I feel less like I’m interrupting when I approach people.

I finally got to try Picky Bars, which I’ve heard about from various bloggers. Picky Bars are bars made of fruit, nuts, honey/agave, and some chocolate. They’re pretty tasty and would make a good alternative or change from the Clif bars that I sometimes eat as a meal substitute when I’m incredibly busy at work. My favorite flavor was Smooth Caffeinator, made with dates, hazelnut butter, and chocolate. It also contains about 25 mg of caffeine.

The trying out of Oiselle clothing was not what I thought it would be. There was a very small selection (one tank, a couple long-sleeves, and a few shorts) that were the personal clothing of one or two of the ambassadors. It was set up in a way that made trying on the clothes awkward. I pulled on the tank (medium) to see how it fit. Since it went over my tank that I was already wearing it was a bit difficult to tell. I think either the small or medium sizes would work with me. They had a 10% discount coupon, so score!

A couple different flavors of Nuun (strawberry lemonade and lemon lime) were out for us to try. I liked both flavors and after the hot run, I eagerly gulped several little cups of Nuun.                   

Because of the heat Ben and I decided to do the 4-mile run. There was some stop-and-go and the run ended up being a little longer than 5 miles. It was all good because I knew it would be a fun run. I liked having the opportunity to run somewhere new. We ran in the East River Park. During this time I got to talk at length to one of the participants, Melissa. I thought Melissa was a wonderful “ambassador” for her running club, Van Cortlandt Track Club. She told me about the club, their events, and invited me to one of their races. She was warm and made me feel that I would be very much welcomed if I showed up. I liked doing the group run because I got to run somewhere new, meet people, and go out for a leisurely run. Jocelyn, one of the Oiselle ambassadors, said that they might do other group runs.

This morning Ben and I went out for my 4-mile tempo run. I really appreciate having Ben with me because his presence pushes me to run faster and harder than I would if I had been alone. I set out with a goal of running at an 8:00 pace. I nailed the pace!

Mile splits

  1. 7:55
  2. 7:56
  3. 7:56
  4. 8:00

Total time: 31:47

I wanted to quit when I was at 3.5 miles. My side hurt and I was ready to be done, but I gritted my teeth and thought to myself that I could endure the pain for another 1/2 mile. When I was done, I was so happy and relieved. I can’t believe that I’m now able to run 4 miles at a pace that used to be my 5K pace. My running is improving nicely and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to do in the fall races.     


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