Charles River Bike Path


Charles River

My last day in Boston was a beautiful day and I was eager to get in a long run before heading back home to NYC. I discovered this bike path/running route when I got lost driving back to my hotel in Newtown.

The Charles River Bike Path is a 14-mile mixed-used path between Watertown and Boston. It surrounds both sides of the river. Roads and bridges provide several different points at which you can cross the river. A map of the path made by a user can be viewed here.

I really loved running by the river. I didn’t always stick to the bike path. Occasionally there were footpaths and I used those instead. The footpaths were closer to the river and at times 20130606-172509.jpgwhen I was running through a thicket of trees or rushes, I felt completely lost from the city. And once I found this surprise!

20130606-172519.jpgAt times the path is quite narrow, particularly when I was going through this thick patch of rushes. Suddenly the path opened up to a trampled open spot with these two plastic chaises. Apparently I stumbled upon someone’s secret relaxation spot.

I had a lovely long 7’ish mile long. What I love about running is getting to see a different side to a city. When I run, often I run in places that aren’t tourist locations. They’re lower key and visited by locals. I like thinking that I get a feel of what an every day ordinary sort of day would be like in that city.

20130606-172450.jpgMile splits

  1. 9:31
  2. 9:04
  3. 10:15
  4. 10:17
  5. 11:02
  6. 9:37
  7. 11:41

Total time: 1:15

You can tell when I was on the footpaths; I was running slower.


20130606-172531.jpgInformation about other trails and paths to run in Boston.

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