Running at a Good Tempo

I woke up to a beautiful bright sunny day. After drinking a cup of coffee, I asked Ben to go out on a tempo run (for me and a slow run for him) with me. I wanted to get out before the weather turned. Because the waterfront area in Jersey City is still damaged from Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy, we ran along the Hoboken waterfront.

We warmed up for about a half mile. Before we started, I stated that I wanted to run either 4 or 5 miles at a 8:30 pace. I needed to do a tempo run. I figured I would do 4 miles for sure and add the 5th if I felt good.

Mile splits

  1. 8:25
  2. 8:37
  3. 8:17
  4. 8:26
  5. 8:13

Average overall pace 8:24! As you can see, I felt really good. I remember last year when  Ben took me out a 4 mile tempo run at 8:30 pace. At the end of 4 miles, I was totally wiped out. In this run, I felt tired, but good. I felt that I could have ran another mile at that pace. This is what I needed.

My spring half marathon is a month away. I won’t be in 1:50 shape by the time the half marathon is here, but I think I’ll be close. I found another local half marathon that’s in mid-June. I’m a little worried that by then it’ll be really warm, but I’ll have a much better shot at my goal with a couple more months of training.

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