Phast Trip to Philly


Liberty Bell

I got a little bit of itchy feet because I hadn’t left NYC in a while, so I asked Ben if we could go on a quick overnight trip. I hadn’t ever been to Philadelphia and it was only a couple hours away, so it seemed like a good choice. Ben and I were able to take Thursday and Friday off, so here we are in Philadelphia.

We decided to take the New Jersey Transit from Hoboken because on the website it appeared as if a one-way ticket to Philly was only $11. It turns out on the webpage, they only give the fare to Trenton. The total cost was actually $20.50. The trip was quite relaxing. We took NJ transit to Trenton and switched onto SEPTA to get to Philly. The total time was about 2 hours.


When I’m President . . .

Ben really wanted to go to the National Constitution Center. Right now there’s an exhibition about the Prohibition era and the 18th Amendment. An adult ticket for general admission is $14.50, but if you wish to see American Spirits, the price is then $17.50. The museum is targeted more for young children, so I found it a bit hokey and lacking in depth. Ben admitted that he also would have liked a more historical and “nerdy” museum, but thought the museum did a good job of displaying information for a general public and young children.

We got to see a copy of the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall.


Copy of Declaration of Independence

Ben was really sweet about going with me to see the Liberty Bell. I know it’s a really touristy thing to see, but I really wanted to see it. There was a long line outside, but it moved quickly. As you walk in, there are several panels with information, but Ben and I walked past all those to go straight to the Bell. We took a few pictures of me and left.

Now it was snack time! I had heard about Federal Donuts for a while and I wanted to try it. We walked over to the City Center location. In the late afternoon, only the Hot Fresh donuts ($1.25) were available. I got one with strawberry lavender sugar. I normally don’t like cake donuts because they’re usually too dense; I prefer the flakiness of yeast donuts. These cake donuts from Federal Donuts are incredible. Light and delicate, they are perfect cake donuts. The light coating of sugar was the perfect accompaniment. I bit into a warm donut with a hint of strawberry and lavender and I sighed, “Mmmm. . . not too sweet.”


Amazing Hot Fresh Donut with strawberry lavender sugar at Federal Donuts

With that Ben’s ears perked up and he said, “I want a taste.” I handed over my donut and let him take a bite. He tasted the first bite and muttered, “Damn you, I’m taking another bite.”

Ha! You see, Ben is not a sweets fan. He does not particularly care for desserts and usually skip out. But these donuts were sooo good that even Ben couldn’t resist.

Yes, if you ever go to Philly, you need to stop at Federal Donuts.

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