First Day of Sweet Spring is Macaron Day

Today is the first day of spring. We’re welcomed with a bright sunny, albeit windy, day.

Today is also Macaron Day! Macarons are the lovely French meringue-based sandwich cookies filled with buttercream, jam, or a ganache. I used to think I didn’t like macarons. They were so lovely to look at, but they filled my mouth with disappointment when I bit into a dry, crumbly, flavorless sweet mess. This all changed when I ate my first macaron from La Maison du Macaron in Chelsea. Those macarons are perfection. They were soft, moist, and filled with oh so incredibly intense flavor. I never looked at back since. I’m lucky to live in New York where there are several wonderful macaron shops, bu La Maison du Macaron holds a special place in my heart.

Every year on Macaron Day, several shops participate and give away a free macaron. You can get the list of participating shops here. Celebrate spring with a sweet treat.

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