How to Regrow Green Onions or Springing into Spring with Spring Onions


Regrowing scallions

Regrowing scallions is just too ridiculously easy.

I had heard of it years back and forgotten about it, until I read 17apart’s entry on growing green onions. I bought some green onions to include in a dinner dish a couple weeks ago. Normally I use the entire stalk, but I only used the green part so I could reuse the bulbous white bottom to regrow more scallions.

I took a water glass, filled it with water and dumped in the recently shorn green onion. The tops of the onions reached the top of the water glass. In the photo, you’re looking at about 10 days’ worth of growth. Wow! The green onions grew quickly. Far more quickly than the bok choy I’m trying to regrow. (Bok choy part 2, I’ve tried to regrow bok choy from 6 chopped ends. Three of them rotted and died in the water. So far only one is successfully growing, and it’s still too early to tell on the other two. Conclusion: it’s cheaper to buy bok choy than to regrow it.)

Yesterday morning I chopped off the green locks to make myself a lovely spring omelet with yellow onions, scallions, and cilantro. First I gently sweated the diced yellow onions. I chopped the green onions and cilantro and added to the pan. Then I added an egg. It was really a bounty of greens that was lightly held together by an egg than a true omelet. It tasted fresh and bright. Just the right note of spring greenery for the first day of spring.

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