Cheering at the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon

Cheering at the NYC Marathon

Cheering at the NYC Marathon

You know how much I love race signs. I had a great time making  them and an even better time standing for three hours cheering on marathoners.

Ben and I watched the elite women start on TV at 9:20 and then we left a few minutes later to drive a couple miles away to the course route on 4th Ave in Brooklyn. We arrived in time to see some of the parathletes in the wheelchair division. Then we saw the elite women go by.

We grabbed a cup of coffee at a cafe a block away while waiting for the elite men. We saw the elite men go by.

Then our job of cheering for the marathoners began in earnest. While the top age groupers were too busy running to appreciate our signs, the runners who had less at stake laughed and smiled at our signs. We added to the fun by yelling, “The wall will be HUGE!” and “Trump thinks you’re classy!” Most of the runners got the humor, but a few were a bit upset and said that they didn’t support Trump. Neither do we. Neither do we.

Trump thinks marathoners are classy.

Trump thinks marathoners are classy.


Another great morning and early afternoon spectating the TCS NYC Marathon. It was really fun cheering for the runners, especially our friends who were running this rather humid fall race.

16 thoughts on “Cheering at the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon

  1. I LOVE your signs. These are so awesome. I was in Williamsburg cheering on runners after the course closed and I was so careful with what I said to them so as to not discourage them. I really just needed these signs.

  2. JAJAJAJAJA!!!!! Love it!!! In Chicago, my favorite sign was in Pilsen that said, “F*%k the wall” with a picture of Trump next to it. It really made me chuckle and at mile 20, I needed it. I’m sure most runners appreciated your signs!! I certainly would’ve 🙂

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