Chasing Waterfalls

IMG_2626Hello from the Poconos!

I know you guys are jealous that we’re vacationing in such an exotic location. A few weeks ago Ben suggested that we do a quick little week long getaway to rest and relax. Naturally Bandit and I agreed. We found a lovely house through AirBnB near the Delaware Water Gap, a national recreational area (it’s not a national park) and despite its name, it’s not in Delaware. It’s right on the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The house is fantastic. Deer visit us every day, even bringing their fawn along. The Delaware Water Gap is a lovely area. There are several waterfalls. Every afternoon we drive to a location, get out and meander until we find a waterfall (or two or several).

We’ve been here since Monday. It’s been lovely. We sleep late. Go out for a run. Eat brunch. Rest. Then we go for a short hike. Come home. Snack (our choices have been: fruit, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, and ice cream). Nap. Eat dinner. Watch a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black and some other shows. Then we go to bed. It’s been a very relaxing vacation.

Muddy shoes after our adventures through  the marsh

Muddy shoes after our adventures through the marsh

On Monday afternoon we visited the 48 acres that we bought last December. We tried to walk from one end of the land to the other, but the underbrush was too thick. It wasn’t a simple walk in the woods, but true bushwhacking. We got a bit lost and used Google maps to find our way out. At one point Ben pushed on ahead to try to find a way out. I waited behind until Ben yelled that it was okay to follow. Bandit had no problem pushing her way through, but it took me a while, partially because I was futilely trying to find dry ground when we were going through a marsh. Bandit thought I was lost so she came back for me. She suddenly appeared in front of me, looked at me as if to say, “Follow me, Mommy!” and turned back around, and disappeared in the brush again. I followed Bandit and Ben’s voice. Finally we made our way out.

Afterward we waded out into the lake that’s in front of our land. Bandit was a bit wary of the water, but she bravely stepped out to the edge of the lake. Then she quite happily trotted along the edge. Ben waded farther out to coax Bandit to go swimming with him. She anxiously went out farther. Ben continued to coax her out until Bandit was finally swimming! We were so proud of her. She swam a small circle and quickly went out because she got cold. We praised her and got her warm in the car. On the drive back, she completely passed out from exhaustion from our expedition.

I started marathon training this week. I wasn’t able to adhere strictly to the training runs because of the hills and the humidity, but I’m doing the best I can.




Ben and Bandit on one of our runs

Ben and Bandit on one of our runs




4 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls

    • Bandit seems scared at first, but she very bravely swam. We tried to get her to go out again, but she was cold, so we decided to stop and go home. Now that I know she can swim, I’d like to take her out again when the day is warmer.

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