Salty, Cardamom, All Kinds of New Flavors

Taken from

Taken from

I’m proud to announce that I’m now a contributing writer for the site,, an informational website dedicated to women who run. It was created many years ago by Laura (aka Salty), an avid marathoner who was looking for good information on pregnancy and running. She noticed that there was a dearth of information that was specific to women’s needs and concerns. On April 2, 2012, was launched and a community of women runners came together (and created a full complement of spices on the spice rack).

I’ll be writing biweekly posts on SaltyRunning, in addition to my usual posts here at A Fast Paced Life. My first post, introducing myself as Cardamom, is up. I’ll let you guys know whenever my posts are up there, but you guys should also follow the site (or go on the email list) because there is a whole slew of fabulous runners who all write from their own perspective (ultra marathoner, 5K specialist, momma runner, trail runner, etc). Aside from the training logs, I don’t intend there to be much overlap between what I write for SaltyRunning and here. I hope to see you guys on SaltyRunning too!

9 thoughts on “Salty, Cardamom, All Kinds of New Flavors

    • Thanks! I’m excited about exploring different issues about running there. And the long promised post about good sportmanship, women, and running will show up there (before summer is over).

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