Making Time for Friends (and to Run)

I was all set to go running after work, when I got a text.

“Hey, I’m stuck overnight in New York. Any chance you’re free for a bite or a drink?”

I was completely surprised because it was from one of my good friends in Toronto. He had a layover in NY on his way to Peru, when his flight got canceled. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years, so absolutely I scrapped any plans to do a workout to go see him. We hung out for a few hours and caught up, which was wonderful. I love living in NY and having these unexpected chance occurrences.

I did get to go running today. I did another set of three mile repeats (7:30 pace with a 5 min walking break in between). It went well, but I did feel a small twinge of a side stitch starting in the second half of the second mile. It went away during the break and the third mile went without any incident.

I haven’t been able to do squats this past month because of some sort of left hip injury. Oddly it only hurts a bit when I try to squat (or try to stand up after sitting on the floor), so I didn’t really notice it much in my every day routine. It’s been feeling better, so I tested it out with some squats with an empty 55-lb bar. It didn’t hurt, which is good, but I’m definitely really tight now and I could tell that if I tried to lift heavier, it would hurt. I don’t have full range back. I’m going to gradually re-introduce squats back to my workouts. I miss squatting.

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