It’s Going Down at Phoenix!

Gaaahhhh!!!! I started this a few days ago and had no time to publish. I’m quickly scribbling stuff before I head off to the airport.

Because of work, I was focusing on getting through the week day by day. I wake in the morning and try to do my best to get through a rather long laundry list of responsibilities. I didn’t have time to stick my head up and look at the horizon.

January Training

It went pretty well! I had a 20-mile training run that was a HUGE confidence booster. I needed to hit a 9 mm pace and I nailed it!

Aside from one run that I skipped because I was feeling ill, I completed all my training runs. Some of the workouts I didn’t quite nail the pace, but overall I feel rather good that I did everything that I could do. I worked hard and didn’t shy away from pain.

Leah and I spoke on the phone to discuss this training cycle and goals for Phoenix. Before CIM, I had a couple of key races and training runs that all very clearly pointed toward what I was in shape for, so I was 100% confident in the pace I set out. I know what my plan is and I’m pretty sure about it, but I really would have loved it if I could have raced a half before Phoenix. Having an additional data point is not a bad thing. At this point, all I know is that I put in the work and what will be, will be. Barring the unexpected and bad luck, I’m in a good position to do well.

The Ridiculous

I will be wearing a brand new pair of Vaporfly 4% – my precious. I had been saving them for this race. I know they say no new things before a race, but they never had such ridiculous delicate shoes before. I kinda feel like my “old” Vaporfly doesn’t have the same bounce as it did before.

Drinking beet juice like it’s my job – don’t care if it’s a placebo. I am trying to control ALL THE CONTROLLABLE VARIABLES.

If runners care about every little ounce that’s in their shoes, then I can care about every ounce that’s on top of my head. I got a haircut. Seriously. Okay, I needed a haircut anyway, but I got it this week instead of next because you know, every ounce matters.

I understand that I’m a bit crazy, but  because of my work schedule and personal stuff, this is my last shot at attempting a BQ for a long long while. So, yeah, I have a lot of eggs in this basket.

16 thoughts on “It’s Going Down at Phoenix!

  1. So I’m reading this after your race and IG post! Spoiler alert if anyone else reads this comment! I’m so freakin’ stoked for you! That was a wicked fast race your ran! Congratulations!!!!

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