Week 1 of Run Less, Run Faster

After last year’s successful marathon training using RLRF, I’m using it again. This year I’m training for Steamtown in early October. Last year I wrote a review of RLRF and one of the conclusions I made was that the 16-week plan should be done over 20 weeks so that I could take cut-back weeks when I needed them. This wasn’t feasible because of life. So I started the 16-week plan exactly when I was supposed to start the plan.

Once again, I’ll stick to the runs prescribed by RLRF. One difference between this year and last year is that I will try to run four times a week instead of three. Last year, I really couldn’t handle anything more than three times a week and desperately needed all of my rest days. I’m going into this training cycle in better shape and I observed that I respond well to speed work. Despite all the increased mileage I ran, I didn’t get much faster. On the weeks I feel like running an extra day, I’ll do another short speed work of my preference.

Last week’s training

Monday (speed: 3 x 1600 @7:03 RI 400m): 1 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile at 7:22, 6:59, 7:41, I hit the pace for the second interval and missed it wildly for the first and last one. Also my RI were .5 miles long, rather than the shorter 400 meters.

Tuesday: We went to NYRR Open Run for a free 5K. I took it easy with Bandit and ran it in 25:37.

Wednesday (tempo: 2 mile easy, 2 mile @7:36, 2 mile easy): 1 mile warm up and 1.7 mile @7:26, I had to abort the tempo because all of a sudden I felt like I had to throw up. I was doing so nicely until then. I tried running after running a bit to see if I could finish at least, but the queasy feeling came back and I decided to stop and walk back home.

Thursday: 1 hour of Vinyasa. This was the first time I practiced yoga in almost a year. I haven’t practiced yoga regularly in three years, ever since I moved away from Astoria. I always meant to go back, but I couldn’t find a studio closer that I liked and then slothfulness got in the way. I’m determined to get back to yoga. While this new (to me) studio isn’t the same as my old place, it’s decent enough and the price is right at $7/class. My body is so stiff. This will be good for me.

Saturday (13 miles @8:57): 11 miles at 9:30, I ran with a member from PPTC for the first half. I meant to do all thirteen miles, but I cramped up badly at 11 miles, so I quit. The pace was slow because I don’t stop my Garmin at stop lights and we have some awfully long lights on the route. Without all the stops, I ran a 9:05 pace.

Sunday: Coney Island 5K, 3.1 miles @7:50. I’m happy that I had a good 5K time.

Total mileage: 24.1 miles

I got a lot of miles in, didn’t quite nail the runs. It was an okay week.

6 thoughts on “Week 1 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. I like that you are sticking to the same training but bumping your days up. I think that is smart. You have definitely improved as a runner, quite a bit in the last year. I hope that you find continued success with this plan!

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