The Treadmill Tried to Kill me Today and Other Thursday Thoughts

I went to the gym today to do my usual speed work. I like to pick a pace that’s faster than my current 5K pace, start at 1 mile and slowly build up to 2.5 miles over several weeks. My plan was to run 1.25 miles at 8.5 mph. As I was about to finish a mile, the treadmill suddenly jumped to 9 mph. I glanced down because I thought that it was weird that all of a sudden it felt like my legs had to move faster. I thought it was strange that it was at 9 mph, but I thought maybe somehow I accidentally pushed the button while running. I pressed the – button to decrease the speed back to 8.5 mph. Instead the treadmill increased its speed, which freaked me out. I immediately slammed on the emergency stop button and hopped off. I reported the problem to the staff before finishing my work out on another treadmill. It was alarming to have the treadmill suddenly increase the speed on its own. Ben said that I was lucky that the treadmill didn’t suddenly stop instead.

Work has still been on the crazy side, and it’s been showing in terms of how much running that I’ve been doing. I haven’t been talking about “training” because I’m not training for anything. If you’re curious what I’ve been doing lately, you can check out my training logs in Salty Running under Cardamom.

In a prior post I wrote about my indecision over running a late fall/early winter half marathon. Obviously I decided not to do a half. In part, being busy with work would have made it difficult to travel for a half and the other part was that the cumulative fatigue took its toll on me. I don’t run well when I’m mentally tired. I physically feel it and my legs are completely dead as if I had already done something physically strenuous. This is one of my concerns about spring marathon training. Spring is actually the busiest time of year for me in terms of work. I anticipate that there’ll be missed training runs and slow runs because of it. Anyway, as of the moment, the plan is to do the training for the Run for the Red Poconos Marathon in May as best I can. Worse case scenario is that I downgrade to the half marathon.

I got into United NYC Half Marathon (yay!) via the lottery. I didn’t get the email notifying me until 9 pm. By then I had given up hope and assumed I didn’t make it in because NYRR announced at 1 pm that they were done with the lottery process. I moped all afternoon and Ben bought me a chocolate cake to cheer me up. As I stuffed my face with a generous slice, I checked my NYRR account. The status had changed to accepted. I freaked out and alarmed Ben, who thought that I received news that something bad had happened. While I danced around in joy, I finally got an email confirming the acceptance. Which goes to show you that sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

On Dec 7th, we registered for Covered Bridges Half Marathon. It’s one of those famous races that sells out quickly. It’s not as bad as Beach to Beacon, which sells out in just over 2 minutes, but if you’re not prepared to register when they open, you’re out. Last year, they sold out in 15 minutes. This year t hey sold out in 8 minutes. I wonder if it’s a matter of time if they switch over to a lottery, or if they’re going to keep it as a fastest fingers event. I’m happy that we got in. I’ve been wanting to do this event for a couple of years. Last year I had forgotten about registration day, so when I remembered, it was too late. This year I set up a few different alarms to remind me, so at 6:45 pm Ben and I were seated in front of our computers ready to go. The registration opened at 6:59 and by 7:01 we were registered.

22 thoughts on “The Treadmill Tried to Kill me Today and Other Thursday Thoughts

  1. First of all, that treadmill situation sounds crazy! I’m so glad you didn’t get hurt! But the rest of this post is awesome and I’m excited about all your 2016 races!

  2. I know what you mean about mental tiredness affecting your run. I’ve had a really shitty week with a family emergency, and I feel so much more exhausted than usual. Like, falling asleep two hours earlier than usual!

    Also that’s insane about the treadmill, makes me a bit scared to go back on one now! But at least you managed to escape unharmed, and like Ben said, didn’t just go crashing into the front.

    • I know there’s a mental-physical connection, but I really feel it. If I’m mentally tired, I never have a good run. I know other people need to run in order to feel better, but that never happens with me. If I’m mentally out of it, then running just makes it worse.

      Sorry to hear about your family emergency. Hope everything is all right now.

  3. Um, that treadmill situation is scary. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt. That could have gone really badly.

    Looks like you’ve got some exciting races ahead of you this year! I remember reading your post about the Covered Bridges half and thinking it sounded amazing. That’s neat that you get to run it again.

    • Yeah, I’m glad that I escaped unscathed. It would have been terrible if 8.5 had been my uppermost limit. It was a crazy malfunction.

      I did the Swanzey Covered Bridges in NH this past year and the one I just entered is the more famous VT Covered Bridges Half. If you go to the Swanzey race page, they cheekily admit to being the less famous race. I still loved Swanzey and I’m curious to see if the more famous one lives up to the hype.

  4. I cracked up reading the title of your post, and then again when reading the whole thing – I think the treadmill really did try to kill you!!!! That is INSANE! I am so glad you are okay.

    Sooooo exciting about the half marathon and all of your 2016 races!! Especially Run for the Red – I LOVE that race!

  5. I think winter is a great time to take a rest from racing and just focus on healthy running and strength training. Congrats on getting into the half! And I didn’t realize the Covered Bridges was so hard to get into. I know a few friends who are coming out from Chicago to do it. I’m running Grandma’s the week after. But I do believe we are both doing The Poconos?! Fun!

    • Yes, we’ll both be at Poconos. We just need to get Allison in too!

      I was kinda hoping to get marathon training started in Dec, which is early because we’re taking three weeks off running in January to go on a long trekking trip. I wanted to build up my fitness as much as possible before we leave. I just haven’t been in the right head space for training, so I’ve just been running whenever I feel like it and whatever I feel like. We’ll see how much running fitness I have when I get back and build my training program based on where I’m at.

  6. Scary about the treadmill. That would’ve freaked me out. I don’t know if I’d be smart enough to hit the emergency stop though. Exciting about the races your in! I am not a fan of spring races because I hate training through winter. It’s just so cold up here from now until March and I Kobi does not approve of treadmill running.

      • So true! I’d love to snowshoe race. I’d have to organize the event if I wanted a race here. Not sure how many people would want to race but you don’t know until you try!

  7. A similar thing happened to me on an elliptical at a hotel. I had it set to some comfortable moderate speed & then every 20 seconds or so it would start ticking a up a tenth of a mile at a time while I cursed & tried to turn it back down. EVERY 10-20 SECONDS! I was just about to go and complain to someone and tell them their shite was broken when I realized it had one of those “helpful” speed adjustment buttons on the hand rail and, um, that’s where I was resting my thumb.

    Glad you survived!

  8. I was on a hotel treadmill a few weeks ago that kept jumping down to a 4 or a 2. It drove me bonkers. I finally cut the workout short and gave up because it was pissing me off. I’d have been scared if it had been going in the opposite direction! Glad you didn’t get hurt.

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