Week 5 of Run Less, Run Faster

Tuesday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (3×1600 @7:18 RI 400 m)

On the treadmill, I ran 3 one-mile repeats with a quarter mile walking rest interval. I ran the intervals in 7:09, 7:13, and 7:18. I’m happy that I ran the first two mile intervals a little faster than the intended target because a 7:18 on a treadmill is easier than on a track or road.

Wednesday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (2 easy mile, 3 miles @7:50 pace, 1 mile easy)

Every other week in the summer the Prospect Park Track Club hosts a $5 5K with chip timing. Because the plan asked me to run a 3-mile tempo, the 5K came at a good time. I ran an easy mile to warm up, not because I actually wanted to warm up but because I was running late and a mile happened to the distance from my house to the registration site in the park. My 5K time was 24:06 (7:47 pace). I was very happy with this run.

At the start of the run

At the start of the run

Friday – Key Run #3 Long Run (18 miles @9:28 pace)

Normally I wouldn’t try to do a long run after only one rest day after having two hard workouts, but a friend I hadn’t seen in two years was in town and I wasn’t going to miss hanging out with him. I woke up early and once again headed back up to the northern end of Manhattan.I wasn’t focused on hitting the 9:28 pace because 1) it was hot and humid, 2) my legs were still a bit tired from Tues & Wed’s workouts, and 3) I wanted to complete 20 miles. I was supposed to do my first 20-miler last week and I had to quit after 15 miles. It was important to me to do a 20-miler. I ran at an easy pace and took the opportunity to explore Fort Tryon Park. My third mile was very slow because I was hiking more than running because I found an old abandoned trail that was mostly uphill.

Beautiful Arch

Beautiful Arch

After running around inside the park for a few miles, I made my way to the run/bike path next to the Henry Hudson Parkway and ran south. Here are a few photos of what I saw. I cannot describe how nice the West Side Highway is. I really enjoyed running on this pathway.


IMG_2919 IMG_2913 IMG_2904 IMG_2920I kinda held my breath around Mile 15 because I was worried about my knee hurting again. There was absolutely no pain, so I felt confident about finishing 20 miles. I ran, or rather fought my way through the tourists, around the southern tip of Manhattan and fought the tourists some more across Brooklyn Bridge. I was very exhausted at Mile 17. Desperately I counted down the miles until I could stop. I was strongly tempted to stop at Mile 18, but I argued that if I made it this far, then I could do two more miles and that this was good practice for learning how to dig deep and just getting through tough miles. Finally I was done at 20 miles. I completed it in 3:36:22 (10:49 pace). Very slow, but if I correct for the abnormally slow third mile, I did the run at a 10:31 pace. Slower than what the plan asked for, but I wanted to run slowly to make sure that I did the 20 miles.

Rewarded myself with watermelon juice from Blessings

Rewarded myself with watermelon juice from Blessings

Now that I’ve done a number of long runs, I’ll be focusing on hitting the prescribed for the long runs now. I hadn’t been worried about hitting the pace before because I knew I wasn’t quite as fit as the plan was assuming I would be. Last year my typical 5K time was 24:0X, which is the time that I got for the most recent 5K race, so I think I’m back to my old level of fitness.

It’s going to be another hot week in NYC. More watermelon juice, please!

9 thoughts on “Week 5 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. OMG watermelon juice has been my FAVORITE this summer! No one in my area really sells it though so I make it in my juicer. Actually, I’ve just been obsessed with watermelons in general this summer. Your runs were really awesome this week – way to use the 5K to your benefit, worked right in to your plan! Awesome job!! Even though you didn’t do the 9:28 pace, I think your long run rocked and you did 20 miles!!! It doesn’t matter how early you ran, the heat and humidity probably affected your pace. It might be more comfortable to run earlier, but it doesn’t make it much easier. You did great!!!

  2. Congratulations on your first 20 miler! It’s a big accomplishment and deserves a nice reward like watermelon juice! The slower pace was perfect. It’s important to make adjustments for the heat.

  3. Yay for 20 miles!!!! I think you nailed it even though you didn’t hit your target pace–it’s hot!!

    I struggled with RLRF because of the target paces. I was also doing it in the summer and it was so tough to do. I would get down on myself each time I missed.

    • RLRF may not be your style of running. I could never do Hal Higdon’s because I’m just not into running so many days a week. Also, you live in an area that’s a furnace in the summer. How do you not melt, woman?!!?

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