Grunewald Reinstated as 3000m Champ!

What a whirlwind of emotions and events!

The public outcry and pressure against USATF, Salazar, and Hasay forced Hasay (and Salazar) to withdraw their protest and for USATF to reinstate Grunewald as the winner of the 3000 m. Although I am pleased that Grunewald was reinstated as the champ and that she will be presenting the US for the 2014 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Poland in March, I am not happy over USATF’s refusal to admit their wrongdoing and their lack of transparency in the procedures for the disqualification.

If you read USATF’s new statement on the latest decision, they claim that they disqualified Grunewald on the “basis of enlarged, digital footage of the legs and feet of both athletes” and that the officials “followed the process laid out in our competition rules, with no USATF employee or officer part of the appeal or the decision.” I think the “new evidence” that they’re claiming to have is something they’re dragging out to cover their rear end. If the new evidence really is so conclusive to overturn a ruling on the field, then they should have released it. They had nothing, so they made up something to make it appear as if they were following procedures when they were not.

The USATF needs to develop greater openness if they wish to foster trust and cooperation with athletes and all those who consider to be members of the running community.

3 thoughts on “Grunewald Reinstated as 3000m Champ!

    • I’m really happy that Grunewald was reinstated and that Hasay did the right thing by withdrawing her protest and her spot on the team. But USATF needs to work on their policies and procedures.

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