Overview of December Training

I had a pretty solid month of training in December.

I had an epiphany about the difference between mental and physical fatigue.

My long runs are slowly going up in distance. The difference this training cycle is that I do a mid-length run on Saturday, so that on Sunday when I do my long run, my legs aren’t completely fresh. Not trashed like the Hanson’s method, but not on fully fresh legs either.

There’s been a mix of short speed work (lots of fartleks) and some longer steady state or tempo runs in order to maintain speed and remind my legs of turnover.

The week of Dec 17th-23rd was a BIG one for me! I ran over 60 miles that week, which is my highest mileage ever! I never ran so many miles in a single week before. Surprisingly I didn’t feel too trashed. I was tired, yes, but I felt good in terms of what I did. I was very grateful that this high mileage week came when the slowdown in work started. Oh, I was still busy that week, but I had less work stuff occupying me.

The last week of Dec was a cutback week and I greatly enjoyed it. I really needed a break mentally and physically.

I wasn’t completely happy about my last long run in December (4 mile warm up, 10 miles @8:20 pace). It’s something I should have been able to do easily, but I think I took the uphill for the first 3 miles for the 10-mile workout too hard and paid the price for it later, even though I was going downhill. I don’t think it was a terrible run. I did give it a good effort, but sometimes it’s a little frustrating seeing that you didn’t 100% execute something you know you should have and have done several times before.

There’s going to be another build-up in January (including the dreaded 20-miler! dum dum dum!!!) and then it’ll be taper time!

It may be too soon to say this, but this is the first training cycle where I didn’t get the mid-marathon training cycle doldrums. I think a part of it is that it’s actually a shorter cycle (depending upon when you think of the “start” is) than all the other marathon training cycles I’ve had. I’m actually worried that I don’t have enough time to cram in all the fitness that I want. I feel like back when I was in college cramming for a final the night before. I remember poring over my textbooks and notes praying all the knowledge will go in and stay there until the exam. That’s me right now with marathon training. Every run, I’m thinking, get fitter, get fitter, and stay there until PHOENIX!!!! I frantically do what I can and in the end, what I do is what I do.

I control what I can and learn to deal with the uncontrolled variables.

6 thoughts on “Overview of December Training

  1. You have a good attitude – you can only control so much. It’s so frustrating to have not great runs sometimes but you’re getting it done! I hope to reach 60 mile weeks this training cycle myself. I think my highest last time was about 55 and that was more than I was supposed to have done. You’re almost there!

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