A Retrospective on 2018

In the waning hours of 2018, I’d like to take some time to reflect upon 2018


I went back to work full time. I also fell hard on one of run and looked like someone beaten me for several weeks. I’m pretty sure the two events (going back to work and falling) were related to each other. I also get bronchitis.


I’m stressed out by work. Training suffers. Still have bronchitis.


I fly to Phoenix to witness PirateBobcat and Marsha tie the knot and see Helly BQ! At this point in time, I still think I’ll be in Boston in April 2019. LOLOLOLOL!!! Bronchitis subsiding, but it’s still there.

I go to Iceland with my mother.


I blog about Iceland finally. Bronchitis is almost over. I didn’t blog much, so I have no idea what I did, other than work.


Bronchitis is finally over.

I run a really fun “choose your own adventure” 5K near Toronto that I only got to do because I accidentally went to the WRONG AIRPORT first.

I ran the Goodlife Toronto Half in order to support my friend, Alice, for her first half marathon.

I go to the south of France with Ben’s best friend. (Another story – not as salacious as it sounds, but I like to make it sound more scandalous than it actually is.)


I get a promotion that I’m not sure that I entirely want (long story).

Ben and I go do our annual trip to Boulder.


I go on a two-week vacation to Alaska (Anchorage, Seward, Denali NP, & Juneau) with my parents. I win 3rd place for women at the Juneau Half Marathon and set a new half PR.


I have no idea what happened because the few posts I do have are about what I did in July. I’m learning that I have no memory of my past.


Boston cat dies.

A few hours later, I decide, “F*ck it, I’m training to BQ again at Phoenix.”


I set a 5K PR. I win an AG award at the Newport Half, which is the biggest race where I’ve ever won anything. We stayed in a mansion while in Newport, RI, which was pretty sweet.

I meet Ari IRL.


I do some navel gazing.


I write about what happened to me in November. This seems to be a theme . . .

To be perfectly frank, doing this retrospective on 2018 made me a little sad. Mostly because unlike the previous years where I had several rich posts to scan through and have fun reliving memories, posts were far fewer this year. That’s just the reality of my current work-life balance right now. I’m both working and training more, so something had to give. I still enjoy blogging and recording bits of my life. It’s a fun way to look back.

Ben, Bandit and I wish you a Happy New Year for 2019 from Ithaca, New York.



11 thoughts on “A Retrospective on 2018

  1. So proud to have made it onto your retrospective! I have trouble remembering things as well and always have to go back and look at posts just to see what I did. And the work-life balance is always something I struggle with too. (Also, that’s a long-ass time to have bronchitis! Were you taking antibiotics?) Happy new year!

    • No, medication never really seem to do anything for me. Five to six months is actually pretty typical for me. I don’t get sick often, but when I do, I’m affected by it for months on end.

  2. Happy New Year! I quite enjoyed this post (you had bronchitis for quite awhile), it was good. I have no clue what I did this past year as I didn’t blog at all. Thank goodness for Instagram!

  3. I’m feel you on the not-posting-much-so-I-don’t-remember-much theme. This is why I started taking pictures all of the time, even mundane get togethers without people posing or anything. Hope 2019 is memorable in good ways!

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