Dash to the Finish 5K

Name of the race: Dash to the Finish 5K

Where: Manhattan, New York

Date: Nov 3, 2018

Time: 8:45 am

Distance: 3.1 miles

Terrain: rolling hills

Entry fee: $40

Swag: Beanie

Post-race Food: Bag of pretzel, protein bar, and an apple

Time: 23:34

Performance: Overall: 1066/10864; Gender: 242/5746; Age (40-44): 25/794

Weather: 57 degrees, 100% humidity (because of light rain)

The Dash to the Finish 5K is a fun way for non-marathoners to partake in the TCS NYC Marathon fun without having to run a marathon. The last mile-ish of the course overlaps with the final mile-ish of the marathon, so you get to cross the same finish line as the marathoners the next day. I did this race two years ago and had a lot of fun because there was so much excitement in the air for Marathon Sunday.

The weather was great. It was nice and cool, overcast (love this for racing), and a light sprinkle of rain before the race. I was excited to put in a good race effort.

Dash to the Finish is a difficult race to race because of the massive congestion and bad GPS. GPS is always thrown off in Midtown because of the tall buildings. I never know exactly what I’m running. I’m pretty good about running based on effort once I look at my watch and see the pace.  If I need to run X pace, I need to look at the watch to set it, and then I know what that effort feels like on that day. I can’t run a particular pace without a watch.

While running I kept my eye out for the mile markers so I could mentally calculate my pace. I was pretty pleased that at Mile 2, I came in about 15 mins, which meant a 7:30 pace. I was aiming for anything between 7:20 and 7:30, so this was all good.

Last mile of a 5K is all about pushing myself. Here is where I don’t know what happened. I mean, I know what happened – I ran slower, but I don’t know WHY I ran slower. I thought I was pushing myself to run hard (clearly not in retrospect). My race time was 23:34, which meant I really slowed down in the final 1.1.

After the race, I misread my Garmin, so I thought I ran 22:34, which would have been one of my fastest 5K, so I was really happy. Later that evening I saw the correct results, went to Garmin to relook, and then got a bit disappointed over my race.

Not all races are going to be good ones. This wasn’t, but it’s just one race in a long history of races.

4 thoughts on “Dash to the Finish 5K

    • Being able to run a pace without relying on GPS is a superhero skill, IMO.

      I would feel “better” about running slower if I felt off, or if the weather was bad or someting, but I legit have no excuse.

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