18 thoughts on “The Cat is Dead

  1. Something about being so close is so much more frustrating than if you missed by a wide margin. The cat got me 3:03 in Disney Marathon 2015. The experience really lit a fire under my ass and the following year I hit my goal and then some. You’ll get ’em next time! 💪🏽🦄

  2. That is brutal. Sorry to hear … It won’t be much of a consolation, but I’m with Shan on this. If you sustain the progress you’ve made over the last two years, you’ll get it next time for sure!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Henrik! I’m sad about missing Boston in 2018, but I’m not disappointed in myself. I ran the race of my life at CIM and I know I put it all out there. Nothing takes that away.

  3. Dang, that is just insane. 3:23 was already a bit crazy and that’s a HUGE increase. They might as well just officially lower the standards again.

    Hang in there, though! I believe you’ll get it!

    • And so they did, as you already know.

      Not that I think that this will stop the arms race since just about everyone who BQ’d and registered already has met the new standard time. I still think runners will need to be a couple of mins under.

      • I agree! And it’s better to have an official limit than a random cut off. Initially, the limit should do it, but you’re right, at some point we’ll be back in the Schrödinger’s Boston situation, sigh,

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