Schrodinger’s Boston

In 1935 Austrian physicist, Edwin Schrodinger proposed a thought experiment that’s known as Schrodinger’s cat. There is a cat inside a box. Inside with the cat, there is a flask of poison. If the poison is released, the cat is dead. If it is not released the cat is alive. The paradox of this thought experiment is that while we cannot look inside the box, the cat is simultaneously dead and alive. Once we look inside the box and see the status of the cat, then the cat is in a single state.

I kinda feel like that cat about Boston.

For the first time this year, I got to join in on the fun of registering for Boston. In all the previous years, I was left out of the conversation because I hadn’t qualified. With the 3:40:36 at CIM, I qualified with 4:24 cushion. Since Boston began the rolling qualification process 5 years ago, a 4+ minute cushion in the previous years was considered to be more than enough and a shoo-in.

The problem is that getting into Boston has become a bit of an arms race. The trend for how much under your qualification has been going upwards. To run in the 2018 Boston, you needed to be 3:23 under your BQ time – the strictest time yet. Because of the growing allure of running Boston (another funny paradox, make something difficult to get and that just increases demand), basically anyone who intends to run Boston began shooting for 5 minutes under their BQ time in order to be able to registering during Week 1.

There were rumors milling around that Boston 2019 might not even open up for Week 2 registration. Fortunately for me, they did, BUT the lastest missive from B.A.A. stated that because of the increase number of runners from Week 1, they were only taking a small percentage of runners from Week 2. My friends with less than a 4-min cushion are pretty much discounting their chances of getting in.

Last year, B.A.A. announced the cut-off time needed one week after the closing of Week 2 registration. So I anxiously waited on tenterhooks yesterday. Nada. It looks as if there will be no news until Friday.

So, til then, I’m in Schrodinger’s Boston – simultaneously in and not in until I get the email which will tell me which state I’m in.

Schroedingers Boston

7 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s Boston

  1. Ha, I love this analogy. It’s so funny how the more something is in demand, the more people start to want it, creating more demand, creating more applicants, creating more demand, and so on and so on. Sorry about this year but there is no doubt in my mind you will run Boston someday. I’m not expecting to qualify with NY this year (my first marathon and on a tough course, seems like too high an expectation) BUT there is something nice about turning 45 next year. 🙂

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