Giveaway for a Complimentary Race Entry to the Ruth’s Chris Newport Half Marathon

Another year and another opportunity to run the Ruth’s Chris Newport Half in Jersey City!

The 25th Annual Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Newport Liberty Half Marathon will be taking place on Sunday, Sept 16th at Newport Town Square in Jersey City, New Jersey.

nlhm course

As a New Yorker, it’s easy to overlook the 6th borough (Jersey City), if you haven’t visited Jersey City before, you should definitely use the Ruth’s Chris Newport Half as an excuse to go to the other side of the Hudson River.

Read this post for my mile-by-mile description of the course.

Read this post for information on public transit to Ruth’s Chris Newport Half and some post-race brunch options!

Read this post for my most recent experience of running this half (from 2 years ago).

I’m bummed out that I’ll be missing this year’s race because I’ll be out of town, but I hope that you will go in my stead, either because you won a free race entry in this giveaway or you are so motivated by my posts that you have to go (click here to register).

Memories of previous races

  1. Seeing friends cheering for me along the various parts of the course, but especially at the top of the “hill” (the course is so flat that any slight incline is perceived as a massive hill) at around Mile 11.5.
  2. Screaming and cheering for my friends running – either as a spectator or even as a runner because there are places where the course snakes back to itself, so you can see your friends running in the opposite direction.
  3. The unexpected joy of seeing friends that I didn’t know who were also doing the race.
  4. Running in Liberty State Park. Hands down, with epic views of Manhattan and Lady Liberty, this is one of the best places to run in the New York City metropolitan area.
  5. Running along Jersey City waterfront. Again, more epic views of Manhattan. When I lived in the area, I ran along the waterfront every week, so I know this section well. For the race, I knew exactly where every curve and bend was and when I had to kick it into high gear for the finish line.
  6. Hearing and seeing my husband waiting for me near the finish line. At this point, I know I only have yards left to go!
  7. Sitting on the grass post-race and enjoying the music and snacks.
  8. The complimentary post-race beer with friends and my husband
  9. Trying to decide between Mexican or pancakes for post-race brunch (soooo hard!)

If you’re interested in making your own memories at Ruth Chris’s Newport Half, enter this giveaway. It’s open until 11:59 pm Aug 30th. I’ll announce the winner on my blog the next day.

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