Shoes & Brews: One Cool Running Shoe Store


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One of the things I insisted that we do during our short trip to Colorado was that we visit Shoes & Brews, a wonderful specialty running shoe store in Longmont.

“That’s fine,” Ben said, “But, why?”

I sputtered, “I read about it on the internet.” In my world, one does not need an excuse or reason to do anything other than the fact that you read about it somewhere.

Ben heaved a heavy sigh and muttered something about forbidding me to read things.

There are running shoe stores and then there is Shoes & Brews. I absolutely adore this store because not only is it a running shoe store, but there’s a bar/taproom in the back where they have 20 different types of beer on tap. They even brew their own beer (2-4 beers, the rest are guest beers). They rotate their beer and cider, so there’s always something new and delightful to try out.

Beyond the running paraphernalia and the brews, the Shoes & Brews also functions as a community gathering place. On various nights during the week, they have different events (open mic, social runs, etc) and they also put on races and other running challenges, such as the 800 meter challenge (whatever your time is for the 800 meters, that’s what you pay for your beer). Shoes and Brews seem to draw in a crowd; Ben and I are eager to be a part of it in the future.

I really wanted to attend a social run, but the social runs were on Weds and Thurs, when we weren’t actually in town. So we simply paid them a visit during the day. Although it was a bit early (I can’t remember if it was 11 am or just barely past noon), I cajoled Ben and Justine into drinking with me. Shoes and Brews had all sorts of interesting beers, none of which I cared about because I don’t really drink beer. Instead I had a delightful cider. Another thing that I loved about Shoes & Brews is that they have three different serving sizes of their beers (5, 10, 16 oz), so if you wanted something small to try it out or just to be social, you can get 5 oz for $2-3.

We had a lovely chat with the woman who worked there. We will definitely be going back to Shoes & Brews when we’re back in Boulder.

12 thoughts on “Shoes & Brews: One Cool Running Shoe Store

  1. A lot of the best stuff in Boulder is actually in Longmont 🙂 Shoes & Brews is a great store! I used to buy all my shoes online, but now I go spend my money there to support them.

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