Hey, there!

I have a million things to write, but precious little time.

I will have a post about Phoenix and everything that happened (although I’m sure many of you already know what happened, mainly they did and she did!). I have a lot of say and it’ll take time to write it out, so the half written spew is in save until I get down everything I want preserved.

But for now, a little update on my life.

Work is still very busy. Weekly mileage was reduced to around 30 miles to accommodate my schedule, but now that we’re finished with interviewing, hopefully my time will free up again to increase mileage slightly. I’m in maintenance mode in terms of training. I don’t have the energy to try to get any faster, so I’m just trying to keep up with the fitness level that I do have until April and then do try to increase training so I can go out for my big spring race – Run for the Red Poconos Half.

Ben hasn’t been having the nicest of times in the last several months. He spent most of December ill (he got two rather nasty colds or flu-like things in a row, basically as soon as he recovered from one, he got the other one). Then in Feb, he woke up one morning with a sore shoulder. He thought it would get better with time, instead the pain got worse. He went to see a doctor and after an X-ray, an MRI, and a specialist, we now know he has frozen shoulder. At first we thought perhaps he had some sort of tear and needed surgery, but now he just needs a cortisone shot and some PT. I hope he gets better soon because he suffers from pain occasionally, but mostly because I would like to have a husband who’s capable of lifting things again (hahaha).

I still have bronchitis.

March really is coming in like a lion because we had a nor’easter last Friday, which left us with high winds all weekend (soooo much fun running in 20+ mph wind gusts) and we’ll be having another one this Wednesday.



10 thoughts on “Hey, there!

  1. Sorry to hear about Ben’s shoulder. Sounds very frustrating for both of you. Hope you recover from bronchitis soon.

    • It’s not pleasant when I have a coughing fit. Weirdly, as long as I warm up, I usually don’t cough (much) while running. Once in a while, it’s severe enough that I can’t run because the bronchial tubes are too constricted and I can’t breathe. Inhalers don’t do anything for me. I’m slowly betting better, which is good.

    • I heard of it, but never knew anyone with it. It’s just really weird because Ben doesn’t have any of the risk factors for frozen shoulder. Literally he went to bed fine and woke up with pain that was the start of frozen shoulder. He’s starting PT later this week.

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