Run for Love

PPTC LoveLiterally!

Yesterday was PPTC’s 2nd annual love run. Last year Linus created a route that had us spell out LOVE by taking advantage of two streets that ran diagonally. This year, we ran LOVE in the style of Robert Indiana, the artist of the famous LOVE sculptures.

There were two different versions of the route – the fancy one with serifs and the canted O and the non-fancy one with no serifs and a rectangular O. I chose to do the fancier one. The O didn’t turn out quite right, but I still think it’s a pretty good effort.

Because I have absolutely no spatial skills whatsoever (seriously, I can’t do mental rotation), I had no idea what we were doing or running even when I was told exactly what we were doing. I couldn’t visualize or translate our running to the route art we were constructing. I was delighted by what I saw when it appeared on Strava.

Work was grueling last week. I wake up early to start working as I’m drinking coffee and getting ready to head to the office and I don’t return home til close to midnight. Friday was a “short” day because I got to be home at 6 pm. I was scheduled to do a 16-miler, but thankfully after a text conversation with Leah, we scrapped it. I’m just too physically exhausted from work to run. I’m running really slowly and my legs are dead.

Normally when I’m in a situation like this, I’m either freaking out over the potential loss of fitness because I’m not training hard or talking about the importance of listening to your body. I’m doing neither in this post – I’m just too freaking tired to care. All I’m trying to do is survive the month.

12 thoughts on “Run for Love

  1. argh! You and me both (trying to survive the month, that is), except I guess I’m a little luckier in that I just have to get through this week…
    Hope you get a good night’s sleep and that this week isn’t as grueling as last (though that love run seems really cool!)

  2. Ugh, exhaustion from work and running are the worst. I totally understand. I also get the lack of spatial skills. I used to want to be a dentist and when I started studying for the DAT, they have these crazy games that are basically unfolded blocks with various colors and designs. You have to determine what they would look like when they are put together. I studied for a bit and figured the LSAT was more my style!

    • OMG, that’s my worst nightmare. I got a big fat 0 on the spatial reasoning section of an IQ test I had to take as a kid. On the other hand, I knocked out the verbal section out of the park (perfect score). The lady who tested me said she had never seen such difference between the two scores in her entire life before. I’ve always been this way – all verbal, no spatial.

  3. This is so cool! I love when people run a route and it looks like words/art when they are finished. There is no way I could ever come up with a design on my own though because I would for sure mess it up!

    • I have to follow people in order to do a route like this. I have such poor spatial skills that I often flip things around. It drives Ben nuts because he doesn’t understand how I can’t just visualize anything. Linus, the friend who created this route, is particularly good at route art and he takes requests and runs routes with our names. I asked him to do Bandit, which he did last year.

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