On Scabs & Healing

Now that’s it’s been almost a week since my unceremonious fall, I’m looking and moving better. Not perfect, but every day there’s less tenderness, stiffness, and things feel better.

The knees and shoulder took the brunt of the fall. They’re still somewhat sore. I don’t have full range of my left shoulder as it hurts too much if I strain it, but every day putting on clothes gets easier. Last week, pulling a top over my head or pulling it off was rather painful. Now with careful maneuvering, I can do it with minimal pain. I have regained full range of emotion of my knees, however, wearing tight or constricting pants hurts when I need to bend my knees. The pressure or tension is too much. So I can run just fine without any pain or soreness, but I can’t wear running tights. As a result, I’m restricted to running on the treadmill where I can wear running shorts. I’m wearing my loosest dress pants to work because it’s not socially acceptable to be pantless in public, unless you’re at an Underwear Run, but my dress pants are still a little too much for my poor knees. I walk a little stiff legged to minimize the bending. Without pants I’m fine. I can’t wear dresses or skirts because it’s too cold to go barelegged and tights are too constricting for my knees. So stiff-legged walk at work it is for me.

My hands a bit beaten up looking. They’re a little sore, but I can work/type without any problems.

My face is the most improved. The swelling is pretty much gone. The left cheek is still tender so I have to be careful washing my face. The dollar coin-sized scab fell off Saturday so I just look like I got a weird sunburn. Ben is relieved that I’m no longer out in public looking like someone did a number on me. A colleague at work gave me a tip on how to minimize discoloration, so I’ve been following it religiously. I’ll let you know if it works.

10 thoughts on “On Scabs & Healing

  1. So glad things are starting to improve. I didn’t realize just how badly you hurt yourself. I’m sure Ben is relieved to see the improvement. When Rock and I were dating, I had a rib that slips out of place, and he had to take me to the ER. They pulled him out of the room to ask me if I had been beaten. When he came back in, he asked if he should be expecting a cop. Poor guy! Healing vibes and running tight thoughts!

    • I’m surprised by how long the tenderness and soreness lasted. I figured they would go after a couple of days. The stiffness I had in my knees is pretty much gone (just the usual stiffness I have because I’m *sigh* getting older). I don’t have to be as careful about pulling clothes over my head, so wearing clothes is no longer the bother I found it to be this past week. You have no idea how much I wished I was back working from home, so I didn’t have to deal with dressing myself.

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