Falling Forward

It was time for my biennual (thankfully, not biannual) trip that leaves me a bloody mess.

Last night I was finishing up a tempo workout that went rather well and I was casually shuffling home in the dark. It wasn’t late, a little before 6 pm, but it was dark. The sidewalk on the blocks between my house and the park aren’t all in great condition. There are some sections where it’s uneven from tree roots. Well, I trip on one of those pieces. SPLAT! I fell hard and scraped up my body – a swollen scraped left cheek (the damage is the size of a dollar coin), my entire left shoulder is sore and scraped, two bloody knuckles, and two very very bloody knees. I look like I had come out of a bar fight. Fortunately it was at the end of the run, so I was only a few blocks away from home.

I cleaned myself up. I’m fine. Parts of my body are a little tender and sore, but no real lasting damage, thank goodness. I could have easily sprained a wrist or given myself a concussion. It’s just a little embarrassing having to tell people over and over that I fell.

Running in the dark has now joined trail running as things Ben will no longer allow me to do, as I seem to be incapable of not damaging myself badly.


20 thoughts on “Falling Forward

  1. Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are okay. How scary! For a former figure skater, I am pretty klutzy off of the ice. I’ve definitely had my share of bumps and scrapes. And for some reason, I find it difficult to walk down a hall and not run into a wall! 😉 So glad you are okay.

  2. I have a whole list of things that seem to be too dangerous for me too, though other people seem to do them fine😖😫
    I hope you heal quickly

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