Nick Symmonds, Professional Runner: He’s Just Like Us!

Sure, professional runners are faster than us (maybe), but it turns out they’re just like us! Especially Nick Symmonds, retired middle-distance runner, specialist in the 800 meter and 1500 meter, & Olympian, and hobby jogger.

He recently finished his first marathon at the 2017 Honolulu Marathon in December. Watch his interview here: Nick Symmonds’s Honolulu Marathon Finish

How is Nick just like us? Let me count the ways!

  1. Slows down in the second half of the marathon.
  2. Makes excuses. He claims he would have run faster except the hill at Mile 24.
  3. Didn’t make his goal, so he has to go race another marathon. #secondchances
  4. Not going to the Olympics for the marathon. He did not run an OTQ time.
  5. Trains only 25-30 miles a week.
  6. Had to dig in and stay mentally tough for the last six miles!
  7. Likes to post splits on social media.
  8. Has naysayers and disbelievers too. He says, “Forget you guys! I ran the whole d*mn thing.”

I very much enjoyed how down to earth he was in the post-marathon interview. I think he’s an interesting person and certainly, I’ve always respected him because of his advocacy for athlete’s rights in track and for being the first international athlete to denounce Russia’s “anti-gay” propaganda law.

11 thoughts on “Nick Symmonds, Professional Runner: He’s Just Like Us!

    • I can’t handle chewing late in a race. Also I only like gum initially when there’s flavor. After that I want to spit it out quickly. I can’t imagine where I would be able to easily spit out gum in a race without leaving it on the street.

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