Farewell to my Blue Fleece


Farewell, old blue fleece

I wasn’t planning on writing today, but my blue fleece was stolen.

Monetarily, the fleece is worthless. It’s over 10 years old, worn out, and has holes. It’s the perfect worn out article of clothing you would use for throwaway clothes for races. And yet, I never chose it. I kept it. It was my go-to outerwear when I needed something light to wear when it was just chilly enough to warrant something more than a long sleeve, but not a full jacket. It was my inner layer when it was brutally cold outside and I needed to WEAR ALL THE CLOTHES. It was the one that I abused more times than I can count by stuffing it a backpack, tying around my waist, dropping it on the ground, using it as a mop to clean up messes, or whatever else I could think of. I took it with me on countless camping trips, hikes, and travels.

I didn’t even like it all that much when I first bought it. It wasn’t as warm as I wanted it to be. I kept it around because I paid for it and I couldn’t bear to waste money. I figured that one day I would wear it out and then buy a new one. It stuck with me for a lot longer than I would have thought. I mean, I’ve had this fleece for way longer than I’ve been with Ben.

It was a little nippy this morning, so as usual, I wore the fleece to the park. I took off the fleece and hid it in the tree hole near where I start my run in Prospect Park. Ben and I have hidden our jackets there a million times over the years. I’ve left my jacket there for hours once because I was doing a long run. Today, I didn’t even run for a full hour. When I went back to the tree to retrieve my jacket, I was greeted with an empty hole. No fleece.

Someone took it.

My fleece.

There was nothing in the pockets so they didn’t take anything of value. I have plenty of other running jackets and stuff to wear, so it’s not like I have to replace it. But dang it, it was my fleece.

It bothers me more than I thought it would that someone took an old worthless fleece. As I walked home cold, I mourned for it. Actually, it’s more the fact that I mourn that they took away the easy comfort that I used to have in having a “safe” place to stash a jacket when I didn’t need it. I can always use the lockers to store my belongings, but they’re farther away. There was something nice in the fact that I walked to the park, took off my jacket, hid it in the hole, and then I went out and ran. Easy peasy. Now I either have to run with the jacket tied around my waist or I have to walk over to the lockers, which aren’t as convenient.

The only thing that’s of comfort to me is the thought that perhaps whoever took it, needed it more than I do.

What’s your oldest article of clothing that you still wear?

16 thoughts on “Farewell to my Blue Fleece

  1. It’s also possible that a Parks Dept. employee took it while cleaning the park. You might want to check wherever they have a lost and found.

  2. I feel your pain. I have a long-sleeve t-shirt that I got when I ran my first ever half marathon that I still wear on weekends around the house. I’ve had it longer than I’ve known my husband. The funny thing is since it’s cotton, it’s out-lasted many other race shirts I’ve gotten that have been technical materials.

  3. This happened with a beloved hoodie of mine, so I feel your pain! I left it by a tree before a race, and my then boyfriend (now husband) was supposed to take it home while my friend and I did a few more miles post-race. By the time I came back, it was gone. 😔

  4. What a major bummer. As I was reading this and picturing this old fleece, I had some hope that someone who really was cold found it and is snuggled up in it now. How great would it be so spot it on someone who could use a little warmth on your next run?!

  5. Oh I hate that when a tried and true piece of clothing is gone. I get you being bothered by not being able to hide your jacket there safely. That would bug me too!

  6. Bummer 😦

    That’s cool your safety hole lasted as long as it did. I’m so paranoid about all the things that I can never leave stuff anywhere to come back for it later. I either think that it’ll get stolen (clothes, items) or that someone will mess with it (water bottle, drinks). I have friends who leave their handhelds near where we start and take a swig when we loop back (4 miles later) but for some reason, I can’t bring myself to do that. I also have a friend who hid her keys BEHIND HER TIRE–I didn’t run comfortably at all wondering if her car would be there when we returned, lol!

  7. That sucks. And as someone who is thinking of possibly moving to that area of Brooklyn, interesting to know about the existence of lockers! I actually still have some cold weather running clothes from the late 90s if you can believe that: a couple of base layers (in a thicker material than they seem to make base layers in these days because I can never find their equivalent anywhere) and a pair of tights that are a little too big on me now but I can’t bear to get rid of them.

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