Running Route: Delaware & Raritan Canal Towpath

20170802_085636Hello from Brussels! I’m on my way to Krakow and have an extended layover, so I’m using the time wisely – to blog, of course.

Two weekends ago Ben, Bandit, and I went to Princeton for Ben’s New Jersey State Tri. While Ben was swimming, cycling, and running, I did my long run on the towpath of Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park. The trail system is quite extensive – about 70 miles! I ran only 13 miles and it was an out-and-back, so I only really saw 6.5 miles of the total trail, but I was impressed with what I saw. I started in Princeton and ran north to Kingston.

The trail is flat and a mix of packed dirt and gravel. The towpath follows the Raritan Canal. I saw a number of cyclists and other runners while out on an early Sunday morning – enough people that I didn’t worry about being alone without any help if I got into trouble, but not so many that I felt the trail was crowded.

There are a number of different entrance points, clearly marked, and with free parking (as far as I can tell). I drove to an entrance just south of where we were staying and started my run there.

Almost immediately I was rewarded with an up-close sighting of a deer. I also saw a few wild turkeys while running and too many squirrels and chipmunks to count.

The towpath was absolutely delightful to run on. The path was in good condition, even after a rainstorm the night before. I did have to hop over a few mud puddles in the beginning, but they pretty much dried up by the time I was running back to my car an hour later. Because the towpath is next to the canal, there’s always a lovely view of water. The path is quite shady, so even on hot sunny days, the path will be agreeable to run on.

I wish we had more time in Princeton because I would have loved to have brought Bandit and Ben to this place. I know they would have loved it too. If you’re ever in Princeton or the surrounding area, please go check out the Delaware & Raritan Canal Towpath.


4 thoughts on “Running Route: Delaware & Raritan Canal Towpath

  1. I have never heard of this path! Loving having new ones on my radar. One of our favorite runs in New Jersey was the Upper Saddle River path. Really pretty and follows a river for awhile. It was also super easy to get to from the city.

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