Giveaway for a Free Entry to Grape Gallop


Some months ago I was kindly offered a free entry to Grape Gallop in exchange for some social media advertising and writing about my experience at Grape Gallop. Ben and I were looking forward to doing a weekend getaway out on Long Island and enjoying a fun race at Duck Walk Vineyard with wine tasting afterward. I did the New Jersey edition of Grape Gallop at Alba Vineyard two years ago (read about it here).

Between April when I received the comped entry and now, plans changed and now I will be out of the country in August. Barwick Group, the event management company, kindly agreed to let me do a giveaway of my entry. So my loss gets to be your gain!

There are two remaining Grape Gallops:

  • August 12th at Duck Walk Vineyard on Long Island
  • Oct 21st at Alba Vineyard in New Jersey

You can find more information about the races here.

To enter the giveaway, go here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest ends August 27th at midnight. Good luck!

In case you don’t win, or if you have friends and/or family who want to join you at Grape Gallop, my promo code FASTPACED17 is good for $3 off the entry fee.

Disclosure: I have received a free entry to Grape Gallop from Barwick Group for this giveaway. I have worked with Barwick Group as a race ambassador in exchange for a comped entry for other races that they managed. I have also paid for my own entry fees for races that they manage. All opinions are my own.

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