When We All Go Bottom Feeding at Hilltopper Nation 5K

Name of the race: Hilltopper Nation 5K

Where: Jamaica, NY

Date: April 29, 2017

Time: 9:00 am

Distance: 3.1 miles

Terrain: Hilly

Entry fee: $25/$30 day of registration

Post-race Food
: French toast, syrup, hard-boiled eggs, apples, oranges, and water

Time: 23:56

Performance: Overall: 8/129; Gender: 3/XX; Age (30-39): 1/XX [filled in later when results are in Athlinks]

Weather: 63 degrees, 94% humidity, winds 10 mph

Hilltopper Nation 5K is a new race, being that this was its second year. It caught my eye as I didn’t know about this race and I thought I knew all the local races. I checked out last year’s results and saw that I could feasibly win the race, if last year’s results held up. So I signed up.

And so did other fast people. Apparently I am not the only person who practices bottom feeding.

At the starting line, I eyed another female runner. I could tell by her stance that she was fast. She was. She did win the race. (Do I know how to call it?)

As for the race itself, the race takes place in Jamaica Estates, which is an impressive rich part of Queens. NYC amazes me because there are all these hidden pockets of the city where large suburban style homes exist. I had never been to that area of Queens, so I had fun gawking at the houses when I was driving to and from the race.

The field was small, just over 100 people. The course consisted of two hilly loops. It was a muggy day as well, so I knew I wasn’t shooting for anything close to a PR. I decided to run this at tempo pace – in essence, work hard, but not kill myself. The volunteers were great and cheered for the runners, which was much appreciated as I was not liking the weather nor the hills.

A fair number of people started out way too fast, so I quickly passed them within the first mile. I passed a couple more people in the second mile, which helped to pass the time. For the last mile, I concentrated on not being passed by the last guy I passed in the second mile.

I finished about 45 seconds behind the 2nd place woman. The woman who came in first place handily beat the pants off of us. The race results indicate where you came from, so I saw the 1st place winner came all the way from Long Island for this little race. She clearly had the same idea that I did. She beat us fair and square, so I can’t begrudge her the win.

For my effort, I won a cool large trophy. It’s quite substantial and frankly, may be the largest trophy that I’ve ever won (my mother has my collection of trophies and medals when from when I rode horses). Ben and I were impressed. Even the age group awards were nice hefty plaques.


13 thoughts on “When We All Go Bottom Feeding at Hilltopper Nation 5K

  1. Hey, a win is a win! I’m ripe for another bottom feeder win. I screwed myself on the last one and didn’t use my gift certificate before it expired. 😀

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