We’re Going to KONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Photo Credit: Kelly Phuah

I freaked out Saturday night because our dear friend, Kelly Phuah, punched her ticket to the Ironman World Championships in Kona!!!!!!!! I first wrote about Kelly a few years ago here.

She came in 2nd for her age group at Ironman Texas by finishing in 10:14:38. She entered this IMTX after what was for her a disappointing debut at the Ironman distance at IM Arizona last October where she came in 6th for her age group. I spoke to her after Arizona and asked her when her next Ironman was. She said that she was glad that she did this, but wasn’t sure if the distance was for her. She thought she might be one and done. I scoffed. I knew better. She needed to lick her wounds and then would come out fighting again, stronger than ever. Sure enough, before I knew it, she was training for Texas to get redemption.

Well, she more than redeemed herself. You can read about her day here.

Ben and I promised her years ago that if she qualified for Kona, we would fly out to cheer her on. She had recently started doing triathlons and with very little training she was already kicking butt at the local sprint tris. Her promise and talent were already showing. She thought we were crazy and talking about pie in the sky dreams, but here it is.

As soon as we found out Kelly qualified, we were on our laptops searching for flights.

WE’RE GOING TO KONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “We’re Going to KONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Oh man, you guys are just awesome! I clearly remember thinking you were cray cray when you told me I would go to Kona one day… well I am going to Kona but I still think you are nuts, but hey, I would not want you any other way. I am utterly thrilled to be sharing that experience with you. XX

  2. that’s amazing!!! your friend is truly inspiring. my life goal is to be an iron woman someday, so I’m amazed by anyone who has even done it!

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