Boston: The Documentary & Meb


Women’s Start of the 2014 Boston Marathon. Photo Credit: Michael J. Lutch

Months ago someone from PPTC posted on Facebook that Boston: The Documentary will be playing in theaters for one day only. Several of us decided to go so it became a movie night outing for the club. When we’re not running, we’re watching movies about running.

Boston: The Documentary touches on the history of the modern marathon and Boston Marathon itself, but it really focuses on the reclamation of the Boston Marathon by the people, the runners, and the city after the tragic 2013 bombings. Some of my favorite scenes were: a famous Japanese marathoner who described Bill Rodgers as a cute rabbit with lively eyes (the entire audience cracked up), reliving Meb’s epic 2014 win, and the breathtaking gorgeous scenes of Flagstaff as Shalane Flanagan ran on country roads. It just really made me want to go to Flagstaff to go train for a week or two. The film has stirred some desire in me to go run a BQ time.

The audience was definitely all runners. Several people were wearing Boston Marathon jackets and those in our club who recently ran Boston brought their medals with them. Before the movie began, Mike informed us that Fanthom Events do these special screenings where after the movie, they often have something cool going on. Before the screening, there was a notice that we should stay after the credits to see additional footage. We assumed that additional footage was the cool extra.

Ben and I sat there and were watching the additional footage, when I felt a nudge from Murray who sat behind me. I turned around and Murray whispered, “Meb’s downstairs in the lobby.” I looked at him in disbelief. I thought he meant a cutout of Meb was downstairs for us to take photos with. He insisted that Meb was outside and that he had proof because one of our friends had taken a photo of them together. Okay, that was all I needed. I whispered to Ben and our other friends that Meb was outside and we needed to go out NOW. I stumbled out of the row to go find Meb.



With Meb

Sure enough, there was a huge crowd of people waiting to take photos of a clearly tired Meb who was bravely standing around to take photos with everyone who wanted one. Ben and I jumped in line so we could get our opportunity to be with running royalty. I was absolutely thrilled to have this brief moment of meeting Meb. It was so cool to go see this and then to actually meet Meb afterward. This was epic.


17 thoughts on “Boston: The Documentary & Meb

  1. That’s so awesome! I ran the San Diego Rock n Roll a few years ago when Meb ran it. My friend ran in the first corral just to catch a glimpse of him before he disappeared. I think my friend saw his hat before he poofed. Haha

  2. That is SO awesome. What an incredible experience. Everything I have heard about Meb is just great stuff. We went to see The Spirit of the Marathon 2 in NYC on the one day screening. It was obviously all runners and it felt so fun to be a part of the mix.

  3. That is pretty awesome!!! He was at (the now defunct USA Half) its first and only year and was just standing on the side, giving high fives. At first I was like, NO WAY IT’S MEB–because he was by himself with zero crowds. But then I got closer and totally pulled a runner no-no by veering across the street so I could get in a high five. It was the one time I wished I raced with my phone. I totally would’ve stopped for a pic, lol!!!

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