Great Galloping Grapes! It’s Grape Gallop Time.


You know the motto “Run Now, Wine Later?” Do you really do that? You can do this easily with Grape Gallop! Grape Gallop is a series of short fun races at two different vineyards in New Jersey and Long Island (Alba Vineyard and Duck Walk Vineyard, respectively). First you do a 5K around the vineyard and then you do some wine tasting of the vineyard’s finest. Not feeling the vino? No problem! You can still join the running fun by registering as a “designated driver.”

I had the pleasure of doing the inaugural Grape Gallop in 2015 at Alba Vineyard. It was a wonderful spring day and to top it all off, I even won the 2-mile race.

Even if you don’t win, how do you know you’ll be in for a good time? Grape Gallop is managed by Barwick Marketing & Event Group, who manage a number of sporting events throughout the New York City metropolitan area, including the Newport 10K & Half Marathon (disclosure: I am an official blog partner for those races). I’ve done a number of events with them, as a paying participant and as a race ambassador with a comped entry. Regardless of my status, I always have a great time. The events are well-managed with a focus on ensuring that runners have a great time.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Barwick a number of times. Each time he exudes an energy and love of running and wanting to share his love with the greater community. He conceived of Grape Gallop as a way of introducing people who aren’t necessarily into running and racing into our little niche world. He believes that running is ultimately about having fun and what could be more fun what having some delicious wine after a romp through the grape vines?

I’ll be at Duck Walk Vineyards on Long Island on August 12th, but if you can’t make that date or live on the other side of Manhattan, you can also enjoy Grape Gallop on April 23rd and/or Oct 21st at Alba Vineyards in New Jersey. Learn more about the events here.

My code FASTPACED17 is good for $3 off your entry fee.

Disclosure: I received a free entry in exchange for a preview, write up of the race experience, and some social media coverage. My opinions are my own.


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