Improv Everywhere: Elevator Marathon

Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based comedic performance group created by Charlie Todd. The mission of Improv Everywhere is to create joy, happiness, and surprise through serendipitous encounters (positive pranks). They carried out a number of missions, as well as MP3 Experiments. They’re most famous for their No Pants Subway Ride, which takes place in January every year. I’ve participated in their events (Invisible Dogs, Black Tie Beach, and MP3 Experiment 7).

Although most of their pranks occur in New York, occasionally they venture elsewhere. This time they went to Atlanta to put on an elevator marathon! An unsuspecting hotel guest gets into an elevator and then at other floors two “marathoners” enter the elevator. (The marathoners are clearly joggers! IE should have asked for real runners.) When the elevator opens on another floor, a huge crowd of spectators are cheering and holding up “race” signs. The bewildered hotel guest crosses the finish line is declared the winner. From the way the marathoners collapse, they either hit the wall hard feet away from the finish line or they’re cramping like crazy (lol).

It’s a fun light-hearted video. Watch and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Improv Everywhere: Elevator Marathon

  1. I’ve stayed at that hotel in Atlanta for a few weeks. I can imagine myself rolling my eyes at them (Joggers…) if I was there.

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