Run in Love with PPTC

wp-1487095469245.jpgOne of the things I like best about Prospect Park Track Club (PPTC) is the social runs. These are group runs that are focused on a theme and socializing, so it tends to draw a larger crowd. I found these social runs to be less intimidating because there were more people running slower, more newbies so it was easier to find “lost” people who were happy to talk to you, and well, themes are just plain fun.

For Valentine’s Day, PPTC organized a Love Run last Sunday. Qaptain Qwerty is famous for his runs where he spells out words, so he figured out a route where we could run the word “LOVE.” The entire route was between 7.2 – 8 miles long depending upon how tightly one ran tangents, corners, and how deep the V was designed.


Rocking a Tutu

I got super excited about the Love Run and went all loved out. I bought a special pair of compression socks from Crazy Compression that said “Love Run” and wore my Philly Love Run shirt, along with the hot pink tutu that I made for the 80s-themed race last summer. I figured this was a good use of the tutu. Ben kept on asking if I was really going to wear that tutu. I really wore that tutu.

I was worried about the weather because rain had been predicted all week. Because of my predilection for staying sick once I get sick, I knew I had to cancel going out on this run if it rained hard. I could run in a light rain provided that as soon as I stopped running, I got warm somewhere. The weather gods were feeling kinda good and granted me no rain at the start of the run. It rained very lightly at some point during the run, but nothing you’d notice while running. There were sharp gusts of cold wind that we occasionally encountered. But all in all, it was quite pleasant for a February morning. Still I was cold. When we were trying to figure out the exact route for forming the V, Jay asked if we should go back farther into the park to form a deeper V or if we should stay on the city block and have a shallower V. Without discussion, I immediately turned to make the other arm of the V and flatly said, “This is FINE.” Everyone who heard me laughed and remarked that I must be cold.

About when we were 70% of the way done with spelling out LOVE, rain drops turned into little ice pellets (aka mini hail). It felt like a million tiny hypodermic needles stabbing into my face for Botox injections. I lowered my head and sometimes used my hands to cover my face and I ran on. At the end of the E, there were other club members waiting to cheer us at the finish.

After the run, Ben and I hung out for a bit with other club members at a cafe. We left early because I was feeling too chilled despite having some hot chocolate. I can’t wait for our next social run.

9 thoughts on “Run in Love with PPTC

    • Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you, Sarah & family! We get so much benefit from the club, and not just running benefits. Ever since we moved to BK, our social lives revolve around the club as well.

  1. That is super cool. I’m glad you have an awesome group to run with, my group is really fun to be around and bring around other runners really helps us improve.

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