Running in Boulder

boulderDespite the altitude, running in Boulder is absolutely delightful. I took real joy in running the last few days in a way that I haven’t had in a while. Boulder is seen as a Mecca for those who seek an outdoorsy lifestyle and it is so, not only because of the high concentration of people who adore being active outside, but also because the infrastructure of the city supports being physically active. Going out and exercising are not simply a matter of personal motivation, but also a function of thee environment. Clean green spaces and safe routes foster active lifestyles.

What I love about Boulder are all the dedicated pathways for walkers, runners, and bikers. These pathways are a wonderful example of great urban planning. There are several miles of pathways and they go all over Boulder and even lead you out of Boulder to the trails. The multi-use paths are set away from the streets and landscaped with trees and shrubs. Even though I’m running through the heart of Boulder, I feel like I’m running in a little park the entire time. The shared bike lanes have ample space and the streets feel like they are meant to be shared with bikes and not like the bikes were an afterthought. I worry about Ben when he bikes in NYC, but I would have absolutely no concerns about his biking in Boulder.

wp-1484787924116.jpgWe started many of our morning in Boulder with a run. One morning it had been snowing lightly, the multi-use paths were covered in about two inches of snow. It was magical running in snow! The scenery transformed into a winter wonderland  and we had wide grins on our faces as our feet scampered on the soft white carpet.

We explored several miles of the multi-path system. One of my favorite sections is the Boulder Creek Path that runs along Boulder Creek in downtown Boulder and then takes you straight out of town right onto the mountainous trails. We both agreed that if we lived in Boulder that we would spend all of our time exploring the outdoors.

12 thoughts on “Running in Boulder

  1. This looks like so much fun. I have spent a lot of time in Colorado but never in Boulder. I could see our family love it there. So happy for you that you got away and were able to enjoy all of this!

  2. Ben loves Colorado and often travels there for work. He says that it’s a potential relocation for work. While it looks beautiful, all I can think is BRRRRR!!!! I love my heat here in Arizona and don’t think I could ever leave, lol!

    • Two words – long underwear.

      Colorado is beautiful and we’re seriously thinking of moving here in some number of years. You are a desert girl. I can’t stand the heat the way you can. I WILT!

  3. So awesome. Through social media I know a couple people in boulder and it sounds so amazing. I’d like to get up there sometime and hit some of the 14ers.

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