Highflying and Running in Miami

wp-1484248273497.jpgA Fast Paced Life has been doing some fast paced traveling – hello from Boulder, CO!

Earlier this week, we took a flight from JFK airport in NYC to Miami for a very short stay in Miami. Last month Ben and I were talking about what we were going to do for our January trip. We always go away in January to escape NY winter for a bit. Flights to Denver and Austin were pretty cheap, so we were working out the details for a skiing/race-cation when I spot a notice from The Points Guy about getting business class seats for economy class prices. If you travel often, I recommend following The Points Guy because he has a ton of tips and advice on maximizing what you can get for your travel (e.g., frequent flyer miles, airfare alerts, etc).  Basically American Airlines had to move their international planes around the country, so these planes were being used for flights that would typically have a smaller and less impressive planes. We pounced on this and we quickly figured out that for not much more money, we could tag on two days in Miami to our trip.

Ben and I often go to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, but this was my first time staying in the mid-beach area of Miami. Our hotel, The Confidante, was right off the lovely Miami boardwalk and the beach. I took advantage of the warm weather, albeit with high winds, to go for a run on the boardwalk. The next morning Ben and I took out the free beach cruisers that the hotel offers to go for a short bike ride before we left for the airport. The Miami Beach boardwalk is about 3.5 miles long and runs from Indian Park in the mid-beach area and goes down to South Beach. It’s a mix of wooden boardwalk and bricks in Mid-Beach and asphalt in South Beach. I like the northern section better because I had better views of the ocean and I love the different types of plant life that grew by the boardwalk. It’s a lovely pathway for running. In January, in the morning, it’s not crowded at all. I imagine in the summer running on the boardwalk is a bit harder because of the crowds and there’s no shade, so you’re out in the brutal sun.

Yesterday we took a flight from Miami to Dallas-Ft Worth where once again we had our cheap business class seats and then we splashed all out for the next leg of our trip by taking Spirit to Denver. Fully reclinable seats to tiny seats that do not recline at all in a matter of hours. Miraculously our flight experience wasn’t too bad. Ben even said it exceeded his expectations (granted those expectations were pretty minimal).

We’re in Boulder for the next week. When we came out here last summer, I told you guys that we loved it and here we are again. Sadly, poor Ben is feeling under the weather, so we’re taking a quiet day to rest and relax, so we could have fun later.

4 thoughts on “Highflying and Running in Miami

    • We got lucky that the flights worked out with the dates and we found cheap flights to get to our original destinations. He often alerts readers about last minute discount flights, so if you have flexibility, then you can really get a lot out of his notices.

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