2016 in Review


We celebrated New Year’s in Nairobi, Kenya! We spent our first weeks of 2016 in Kenya and Tanzania where we were spending our honeymoon. Kissed a giraffe. Climbed Kilimanjaro. Went on safari. Plus we also ran with Kenyans (not the elite Kenyans, but regular Kenyans. They’re much slower.) I got a nasty bout of bronchitis.


We must have not done much because none of the posts from February covered anything about what I did that month. Coughing, coughing, coughing.


We went to Turks & Caicos. I ran the United NYC Half Marathon. It was fun running through Times Square. Still coughing.


Gradually recovering from bronchitis. I got gored by (roller derby) bulls. I ran the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon.


Finally get over bronchitis. Do a bunch of races, including the Run for the Red Poconos Half, where I run the best half of 2016 (2nd fastest half).


We ran the famed Covered Bridges Half (nice race, but a little overhyped) in Vermont. I went to Croatia and Slovenia with my parents and aunt. Saw a lot of gorgeous incredible waterfalls. Started marathon training for Steamtown. Bandit turns 2!


Marathon training through the hot oppressive month. It’s not going well.


We visit Boulder, CO. It’s everything Ben hoped it would be. We come back to NY trying to figure out how do we move our lives to Boulder.


I had a great long run at the 18.12 Challenge in Watertown, NY. What a fantastic race! I really recommend that race to anyone who lives in upstate NY or around that area. I get lulled into thinking maybe Steamtown will be okay, despite all the crappy summer training.


Steamtown Marathon effin’ sucked for me, but I was super happy that my friends had such great races. I basically spent the month sulking over Steamtown. Oh, I turned 39.


I run a string of respectable races at the shorter distances, so all the marathon training was not for naught.


Ben turns 35! We go down to Delaware for Dogfish beer (not really, but kinda true). I put in a respectable HM time at Rehoboth. We get a treadmill for Christmas.

All in all, in terms of running I say it was a meh year. I didn’t set any PRs except for races where I run that distance for the first time. I came close to some old PRs. So let’s call this a base-training year for a better 2017.

6 thoughts on “2016 in Review

  1. Meh year?!?! Outside the bronchitis, you visited some amazing places, had some amazing life adventures, and ran a bunch of races. That sounds like a pretty fantastic year to me. I’m an eternal optimist can you tell lol

    • You are a Pollyanna. 🙂 The meh was in reference to running primarily because I didn’t set any good PRs. I’m pretty goal-driven, so I tend to judge myself by accomplishments. I judge myself by process if I make process the goal. LOL.

      I’m lean more toward pessimism and living in NYC only cemented this tendency. Although the funny thing is that in NYC, no one calls me a pessimist because I’m like everyone else. When I lived in CA (and was considerably less pessimistic), I was called a pessimist because everyone is so smiley and cheerful.

  2. Sounds like a pretty cool year to me. Some cool travel and a lot of neat races. I know there were some pretty awesome desserts in there too. All the best in 2017!!

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