Review: Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill

wp-1482614581939.jpgMerry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Christmas came a little early for us. Two weeks ago we bought this treadmill – Nordictrack C1650. We talked about getting a treadmill for a while. When we lived in Hoboken in our condo, the gym was literally down the hall from us. The walk was less than a minute away.

When we moved to Brooklyn, we talked about getting a treadmill for the convenience. The closest gyms to us are almost a mile away. We didn’t get a treadmill and I joined a gym. After more than a year of gym membership, I brought up buying a treadmill again. Ben refused to buy a Woodway, so we did some research and came up with a list of a few treadmills that suited our needs. Then Amazon had a lightning sale for one of the treadmills that was on our list, and just like that, Ben snapped up a Nordictrack C1650. We bought it on a Monday and it was delivered early Thursday morning.

It’s been a real delight having a treadmill at home. It’s such a luxury to dress, hop on the treadmill, and then immediately hop into your own shower at home. I really love it. We’ve been telling people that we got a treadmill and in New York City, the thing that impresses people is not that we got a treadmill, but that we have space for a treadmill.

Despite the reviews for the 1650 saying that putting the treadmill was tricky, we actually didn’t find it hard at all, despite the fact that a few of the steps were missing. It was fun getting to a step, wondering why it wasn’t working, and then realizing that there was a step in between that hadn’t been written down. Luckily the missing steps were self-explanatory once we figured out what was missing. It took us about 3 hours to put it altogether.

We’ve both done a number of runs on this treadmill and we’re  quite pleased with our purchase. The treadmill comes with a number of neat features that we’ll be taking advantage of.

The Good

Thanks to the Amazon lightning deal, we got a quality treadmill for $900.

The C1650 is a good solid treadmill. It doesn’t bounce around when I do my speed work. I pound particularly hard when I run fast, so it’s very important to me to have a sturdy treadmill.

It goes up to speed quickly. Unlike the gym treadmills that I had been using, this treadmill ramps up in a few seconds, whereas the gym treadmills took half a minute.

It has several playlists of different kinds of music, so we have a nice selection of stuff to listen to while running.

It’s easy to adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill. On the right hand side of the screen, there are buttons for speed and on the left, for incline.

It comes with a 10 inch web-enabled screen, so we can have all sorts of fun stuff to look at while running, including Google Maps. We can use Google Maps to “run” around in our neighborhood, or any other place., an online program, has so many cool treadmill programs. They have several routes all over the world (organized by themes, such as famous 5Ks, iconic parks, Tour de France, etc). As you run, you can choose to see the overhead map or the street view so you can see the sights as you run. We really love this feature and have been having fun “exploring the world.”

If you do a Challenge Run, you can see other runners who have done the run as well and see how you’re doing in comparison to them as you’re running (in the overhead map view or the table view). This is great for those of us who are very competitive.

In the iFit account, when you do a manual workout, you can see your treadmill work out in full detail, not just the distance, overall pace, and time. There’s a lovely graph that tells you how fast you were running at every moment of the work out.

The Bad

I dislike the lurching when the treadmill starts. Unlike the gym treadmills that do a countdown to when the treadmill starts moving, this one just starts. I guess I’ll get used to it, but right now it always catches me by surprise.

The treadmill doesn’t tell me what speed it’s at as I’m speeding up or slowing down the treadmill. So let’s say I’m running at 6.0 mph and  now I want to speed up to 8.0 mph. I punch 8 on the right hand side of the screen. The treadmill speeds up, but the screen doesn’t tell me how quickly we’re speeding up until we get to 8.0 mph. I have to do this all by feel.

The iFit routes have odd distances (e.g., 3.86 miles). It’s probably to add to the realism of the routes, but because most tracking sites only record tenths of a mile (technically on Strava you can log hundredths of a mile, but Strava only displays tenths of a mile), it makes logging those miles less satisfying.

The iFit routes have a warm up option, but no cool down option.

The Ugly


The Verdict

I totally love having our own treadmill at home. One of the driving factors in getting a treadmill is the ability to control the temperature. I find that the gym is far warmer than I would like it to be, so being able to run in a chilly room is great. The ease and convenience of having a home treadmill is amazing. I can drink my coffee, do a quick speed work out, shower, get dressed and leave in an hour if I have to. I didn’t have this luxury before because the gym that I belong is a 15 mins away by walking and I can’t do speed work on the streets by our home. Ben has always been a fan of treadmill workouts. He hadn’t been running much because of injury and other things, but this treadmill motivated him to get back into training. I’m excited for spring racing because I think having this treadmill will help me with being more disciplined with training.

13 thoughts on “Review: Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill

  1. I’m so glad you posted this. We are trying to do this on a tighter budget and I spent all of yesterday searching different treadmills. I’m currently looking at a Nordictrack. Perfect timing?!

    • We’re happy with this treadmill. It comes with even more features that I didn’t talk about and that we’ll probably never use. If you don’t mind waiting with some uncertainty, I’m sure Amazon will do another lightning sale after New Years. Basically what we did is we made a list of treadmills that we would be happy with and then Ben stalked Amazon every day for a couple of weeks.

  2. I love my treadmill too 🙂 mine is uncalibrated so I run with a Garmin footpod. Never ran on a woodway but have drooled over them on the internet.

  3. For the most part I’d rather run outside than on a treadmill, but it’s a good option to have for speed work when the ground is too icy. The one thing on my apartment wish list that I didn’t get was a fitness room so I’d have treadmill access without having to layer up to get to and from it. I haven’t caved and joined a gym yet.

    • I’ve fallen in love with doing speed work on treadmills and Ben’s actually better about training when he has access to a treadmill.

      I admire your dedication to running outside. You’re willing to put up with way more weather than I am. Keep on running!

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  5. I just read your most recent post, so had to come back here and see what kind of treadmill you have. So jealous! And $900!? If only I had space for one… one day!

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