How I Suck as a Blogger

I rarely remember my dreams, but today I actually remembered it.

I dreamed that I ran a downhill 5-miler. The race was not a local race, so I needed to stay in a hotel. For some reason, it was necessary to spend two nights at a hotel. Something happened during the race so the hotel had to fit about five runners to a room so that everyone could have a place to spend the night. I was sharing a room 20-something whippersnappers and we were all busy posting our race recaps onto our blogs. Then of course, people were sharing their blogs and commenting. I finished my race report and just posted it when one of the girls I was sharing the room with asked to look at my blog. I let her look at it from my laptop. After she looked at it for a few minutes, she turned toward me and ever so saccharinely said (you know the tone of voice, the fake “I’m trying to be helpful”), “Do you mind if I gave you a few pointers?” and then gleefully pointed out all the things I did wrong as a blogger.

I listened to her for a bit and then testily answered, “I don’t care. I do this for fun. It’s not my job. It’s fine that my photos aren’t perfect. I like being a crappy blogger.” I snatched my laptop and then I  woke up.

This got me thinking about blogging in general. When I started this blog back in 2012, I actually did care more about the metrics of blogging. I actively grew the number of followers and number of views. As much as blogging is mostly for myself, I discovered that yammering to an audience was more fun than yammering to an empty chasm. But last year I stopped actively trying to grow my blog. I felt pretty happy  with what I had achieved. I had a nice group of bloggers who regularly commented on my blog and I on theirs, so it felt like I was getting to know them and have a conversation going. It was a little community where we cheered for each other’s successes and empathized with the disappointments.

There are things that I could do to have my blog get bigger and better known (e.g., take better photos, post on a regular schedule, post in the mornings, etc), but I just don’t care enough to do that. I have my friends, my community, and I get to partake in awesome experiences because of what I am willing to do for this blogging/running hobby of mine. I love discovering new bloggers to read and having people discover me, but I care more that people like my blog for the content (not that photos can’t be content because I follow a number of photography blogs and a well-composed photo can capture something words can’t), rather than because I jump through the hoops of simply having my blog be visible.

I write when I have something I want written down for one reason or another – to share information, to record a fleeting moment, to track training, to ponder over thoughts, or to vent feelings of frustration. I don’t want to have something simply for the sake of “posting” because I have to ensure I capture the eyeball quota for the day. I could learn to take better photos and learn Photoshop so I can artistically adjust the photos to capture the “perfect image,” but studies have found that photography gets in the way of living in the moment. I want to live in the riches of memory and not in the riches of photos. So if my photos are less than photographic, that’s okay because I have my memories as back up.

How do you suck as a blogger? 


24 thoughts on “How I Suck as a Blogger

  1. I write my posts as if I was saying it out loud emojis and all. I’m a very expressionate person so I will write Yay or 🙂 throughout my posts. Not very professional of me, but stifling my emotions make blogging less fun for me.

  2. I’m glad I caught your blog. I can’t remember how I found it– it must have been through PPTC. I ended up buying the Simple bottle because of your blog, and really liked it. I ended up gifting two of my besties with a Simple bottle too! I don’t think we’d have become friends if I hadn’t seen your blog! Also, your words brought what happened to me at Philadelphia Marathon to the attention of the very kind and impressive executive race director, who personally called me and made sure everything was resolved to my liking. This bought me a great measure of peace, and I wasn’t angry anymore.

    So to me that makes you an EXCELLENT blogger because it enhanced my life and brought more people into it. A+ blogging, Park!

  3. I love your blog and feel the same way. Honestly, I have lost a lot of interest in other blogs that work to grow a following. The constant social media plugs and what not, start to get to me. I enjoy running, I enjoy helping others. And I’m okay with blogging when I have something to say, and shutting up when I don’t. Glad that was only a dream because I like this little place you have created!

  4. AGREE 100%. My bad blogging habits: I’m pretty erratic about posting and I’ve written several posts that were supposed to be the first in a series, but I never followed through.

  5. I think your blogs great.
    Mine sucks for several reasons but I believe the content it half decent. Most of my photos are taken in the dark because that’s when I train. I also tent to write like a technical engineer with my thoughts capable of being put as bullet points on a power point presentation. Then again that’s also the nature of my day job. Short and to the point to pass along facts and recommendations not entertainment.

    I write my blog to help others. There’s no viewer goal (an audience is nice to have though). I just have a desire to share what I’ve learned, experienced and let others take advantage of my technical knowledge. A plus to the blog is that I have started to structure my thoughts to have a better flowing post with better sentence structure but it’s like grammar school all over.

    • Thanks! I’m happy with what I do as a blogger, but occasionally I do wonder if I should make more of an effort. And the answer I always come around to is do however much as I want to do. If I want to do more, do it. If I want to do less, do it. And never be apologetic for it.

  6. Nothing wrong with bullet points! I use them myself when I think it works with the content that I’m writing. Definitely writing more often improves writing. I’ve yelped for a number of years and I kinda cringe when I read the first set of reviews that I wrote.

  7. I love reading your blog because you’re fairly local to me and also because you are definitely a faster pace than I am and so if we participate in the same race, while the logistics are same, our race experiences are very different. (Which has nothing to do with how I suck as a blogger but just putting that out there.)

    Personally, I’ve always had an online blog, since college. I started on livejournal, eventually switched to tumblr, and now I’m on WordPress with Scoot a Doot. While Scoot is definitely the most “professional” (I use the term loosely) of the bunch, we are by no means professionals. I love the social aspects of social media and through it I’ve learned not to take myself so seriously and to place importance on living in the moment (right there with you with the pics!).

    • Well, let me know if you’re ever in the NYC area or if I’m doing a race that you’re doing in Philly and we can meet up!

      Confession, I was also on LJ, although this isn’t something I readily admit in public. Some years ago I reread my old entries and I really cringed. So emo, but the whole LJ world was like that (or at least it was in my corner).

      I had my own website after LJ, but I stopped because it was too much work to maintain and what I liked doing best (blogging) was more easily done using other platforms.

  8. I love your blog and could’ve written this post exactly (minus the dream, lol). When I first started it, I was writing to attract people and it wasn’t really me (I hate that I did that). But then I started giving zero fucks and it’s most definitely more me. My husband, who is my biggest fan, says he loves reading my blog because I write EXACTLY how I would talk (minus swear words because I do swear a lot in real life).

    Sometime I still contemplate leaving my blog because I’m just like eh, I’m no one special to be having a running blog but I’ve learned so much from good blogs (like yours) and I like to think people get something from mine. I’m not a fast runner (faster now) and I like that I’m someone people can relate to instead of people who win shit all the time.

    And like you, I love my little blogging family. I can’t quit you guys.

    • Don’t quit me, Helly!!!!!!!

      My Ben is also a silent reader of my blog. He loves reading it because apparently he learns things about what I was thinking through it. I always thought I was pretty transparent, but sometimes I forget to tell him some detail and he learns about it through my blog.

      What I love about your blog is the journey that you’ve been going through. I read many blogs for different reasons. While I do like reading about supremely talented people who run times that I could never do (think Olympic trials qualifying times), they don’t inspire me as much as people like you. For the longest time, I ran a bit faster than you, but this past year you laid down your training gauntlet and look at you! You’re very much running the times that are my current goals. If I feel frustrated or feel like turning it in and saying that I’ve reached my peak, I look at bloggers like you to say no, I just need to train harder.

      Love you so much!

  9. Lol. Yes. I feel like if I start putting any special effort into my blog (in the sense of trying to “grow” it or get more clicks or whatever), there is probably something else in my life I am neglecting! I like the smaller blogs like yours, even if they don’t post as consistently or have a billion perfect pictures because they feel more like talking/listening to a real person vs. someone’s image.

    • Yeah, me too. Sometimes I wonder where people have the time. I mean, I get it, if you really want to do something, you’ll find time to do it, but I also wonder, “Don’t you want to do other things too?”

  10. I pretty much do everything wrong with my blog and I’m ok with that! I’d like to be more consistent, but Instagram gets in the way – lol! I like your blog, mostly because you’ve eaten real cronuts and you run a lot of cool races.

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