Clean Bottle: Run for Water

As runners, we know the importance of water. We know where the water fountains are on our running routes. We carry water bottles and hydration systems for long runs. We greatly appreciate races that have plenty of water stations along the course.

Outside of running, I drink plenty of water and I’m guilty of being less environmentally friendly than I should be. I get a bottle of water, drink it, and then refill and reuse it until I don’t feel like reusing the plastic bottle. Then I go out and get a new plastic bottle. At least I don’t throw out the bottle after a single use and I recycle it?

janjiA few weeks ago Clean Bottle offered to send me their new square bottle design in exchange for writing about it and their Kickstarter campaign. Like their other water bottles, the new square water bottle features the removable bottom cap so that the water bottle is easy to clean thoroughly. If you pledge at the higher levels, you can even get a module that let you have fruit-infused water. Pretty cool!

What I like best about this water bottle is that it’s really light. There are so many large water bottles that are quite heavy even when empty, so it’s great that this bottle is light and easy to carry by the handle. I really like having this bottle around, so I’m stopping my habit of drinking bottled water at work and using this reusable bottle instead.


20161206_101500I may even take this bottle with me when I go out hiking out in the woods of Chappaqua as I search for the elusive Hillary Clinton.

If you’re interested in getting your own square Clean Bottle, consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign, which goes on until Dec 8th.

17 thoughts on “Clean Bottle: Run for Water

  1. I am totally with you on reusing plastic water bottles until I feel like not using them anymore. I was notorious for having 5 or 6 plastic bottles laying in my room that I rotated through until they looked so crumply that I decided to just recycle them. I like the idea of having a square water bottle. I’m still looking for one small enough that I could fit in my flip belt.

    • Flipbelt actually sells a water bottle to fit inside.

      If you’re not set on having a bottle inside the belt, I would recommend getting a Simple Hydration bottle.
      It hooks onto the outside of Flipbelt (if you see my turkey trot photo, you can see the bottle peeping out on the backside). I use it all the time and love it. If you do decide to get one, email me and I can send you a code for 10% off.

      • Absolutely no chafing. I always wear it at the small of my back and once it’s placed properly, there’s no moving and no bounce. There’s a curve to the bottle so it snuggles nicely into the small of your back. It may take a run or two to figure out where exactly you like having it, but once you figure it out, it’s not noticeable at all. There have been times where I thought I forgot to bring my bottle with me because it’s that unnoticeable.

    • Can’t be worse than the top of the bottle, right? For one thing, the top cap will have more wear and tear because people open and close the bottle all day long to drink out of it. The bottom is screwed on until you want to clean the bottle.

      • True. I’m just thinking that since the bottom will always be in contact with water any damage to the threading could cause leaks. Is there a gasket or O-ring or is the bottom just screwed in?

  2. It just screws onto the bottom. I haven’t had the bottle long enough to say that there’s no leaks at the bottom because of worn out threads, but this isn’t their first removable bottom bottle. They’ve sold other bottles with a similar design and I haven’t heard of leaks because of wear and tear.

  3. Would LOVE to join you on any Chappaqua HRC spotting hikes. I’ve been dying thinking of how I’ll say “Hi Hillary, I’m Hilary” (for years now).

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